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  1. msmeow at | | Reply

    That looks like a pajama that old uncleji’s all around towns and villages in India wear. Not flattering at all. I love her hair and her kurta though. A basic salwar would be great instead.

    1. Saya at | | Reply

      agree@uncleji’s pajama.

    2. koel at | | Reply

      My Nanajee used to wear the exact same long Kachha with white cotton Ganji long before the arrival Rupa underwear and Baniyan in India. The only difference was that his kacha used to be a little shorter than this.

      I can’t take the image of my Nana sunbathing (Surya Snan !) before his shower to appreciate this as a fashionable thing!

      1. KS at | | Reply

        They look like nanaji’s pajams coz that is what they are inspired from( or rather are ;)). I find them fun!

        1. Geethanjali at | | Reply

          Those pants qualify for a WTHEY !

      2. Kiwi at | | Reply

        Koel, I laughed so hard that my office co-workers are staring at me and tears are running down my cheeks.. Ha ! Ha! Completely agree. So sad, she would have lucked great with slim fit jeans or a churidaar

        1. koel at | | Reply

          Oops ! Sorry !! ;-)

  2. mj15 at | | Reply

    haldiram halwai’s pyjamas on top of the dhobi’s kurta …that’s the look konkona was going for!!

  3. Tongue in Chic at | | Reply

    Easy, breezy. I kinda like it.

    1. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

      I agree!! Those are the EXACT two words that came to my mind! It looks so comfortable and casual. On anyone else I would have said it was majorly drab but Koko TOTALLy carries it off!!

      1. Nishita at | | Reply

        I think she looks great. Looks so enviably comfy and casual. She is not at some party or anything, just strolling along the beach so it looks good, I say.

    2. KS at | | Reply

      yup ! completely agree!i love it coz i wore loads of them in college days. easy breezy everywhere in every sense ;).

    3. eclat at | | Reply

      I think she looks really nice- good to see someone outdoors in the sun, at an event other than brunch/ store launch/ NGO function/ random awards ceremony! It’s fun, comfy and so unforced, and she (commenter KS?) totally carries it off…
      On the other hand, not exactly event- appropriate, considering the tag says Marathon…but I would rather see this than some sweaty person in cycling shorts ;)

      1. KS at | | Reply

        @eclat : Haha..commenter KS did too at least she likes to believe so :).

  4. Nick at | | Reply

    She looks nice.. i love the sunnies and with the beads and str8 hair she looks retroish. The pjs aren’t so great.

  5. mia at | | Reply

    the kurta is nice. she needs to throw away those pj pants asap.

  6. manisha at | | Reply

    surely she means this as a joke?

  7. Shweta at | | Reply

    Now what kind of dress is this?! I wouldn’t even dare wear it at home no matter how comfortable it is…it looks like a ‘kaidi’s striped pyjamas’ LMAO
    Konkona please you need a stylist badly…it’s high time you update your wardrobe!!

  8. aparna at | | Reply

    I like Konkona but her sense of fashion is pretty pathetic. She seriously needs to work on her style quotient.

  9. DressyDresser at | | Reply

    I could iron the kurta though.
    I think these pants suit her….she carries them off really well. I would not even consider wearing them EVER.

    1. DressyDresser at | | Reply

      Sorry… SHE could iron her kurta. :/

  10. mary at | | Reply

    I am from Pakistan and I can tell you that culottes and wide pants are a rage these days but only when paired with uber long hemlines almost skimming the ankles. I and my friends wear them all the time with hip, fashionable results and not the dowdy mess that konkona is here. I guess the general rule of the thumb which konkona blunders with is that if they are in cotton then they require moderate starching otherwise crepe or some flowy fabric works well.
    Its a pity though since the colour combo is very easy and breezy as the poster above puts it.

    1. KS at | | Reply

      yeah in olden days they used to have gararas/shararas which have made a come back in rather subtle form in India too.But the cotton things were pretty popular in some parts of country since a decade back, they are usualy vegetable dyed cotton fabric genrally gamti or likes.

  11. marky at | | Reply

    This is sure WTHeyy !!! even my father wore better pyjamas in the 80’s :P

  12. Sparkle at | | Reply

    simple white churidars would have looked great

  13. Flaneur at | | Reply

    whatever happened to basic white churidards ms sen sharma??has a very summery feel to it… is it still so warm in bbay??or is this a dated photograph….

  14. Soho at | | Reply

    a very bohemian look and she does it so well, love it!!

    1. gaga at | | Reply


      1. pdaervo at | | Reply

        I like it too. Koko has a great sense of style.

  15. SS at | | Reply

    I actually like the casual, relaxed vibe of this ensemble, but I just wish she’d got the pants (and the kurta, for that matter) ironed.

  16. Violet at | | Reply

    Love the kurta & necklace (pretty!) but completely not liking the bottoms. Bad choice Koko! A better-matched color would have done too, but this looks really out of place.

  17. eway at | | Reply

    cool chic comfy… im loving it!

  18. Karishma at | | Reply

    Well, I heart konkana so i feel that anything she wears (even these otherwise awful pants) has this very relaxed-im-not-like-other-starlets-and-i-am-not-a-fashion-slave vibe!!! Awesome!!
    P.S. those beads remind me of the sweet, colorful prashad you get at temples!!…haha

  19. mia at | | Reply

    don’t they wear these type of pants/pyjamas in prison?

    1. marky at | | Reply

      n patients wear it in the air force/ military hospitals lol which is where i was born n my father is from the army :P thats how i know my father used to wear such pyjamas

  20. SS at | | Reply

    Dont like the print on the PJs….maybe if they were all white and either parallel or with even more flare…I would appreciate them….but not liking it now….love the kurta and the easy vibe going on there……

  21. SAH at | | Reply

    I am from Pakistan too and these pants are all the rage…BUT with almost ankle length kurtas. Also the kurta’s are the flowy or aline type…not straight. I will try to get some pics of Pakistani models.

    But wide pants with long kurta’s (flowy, A-line or Shirwani collar ones) are the trend in Pakistan.

    1. Tongue in Chic at | | Reply

      I’d love to see what they look like. Where can I find a picture?

  22. Maze at | | Reply

    I can’t understand the hate, at least she looks happy and comfy and not constipated!

    1. Jems at | | Reply

      Amen, sistah!:)

  23. D at | | Reply

    I don’t even like that kurti/kurta. If she had to wear a Chikan one, there are so many better ones to choose from!

  24. hhc-addict at | | Reply

    The bottoms would have looked better in some other print – but still she looks very much at ease – and the make up and hair is spot on. Indian boho-chic and she makes it work!

  25. lazyU at | | Reply

    I guess my issue is with the print of the pants rather than the pants themselves..

    A nice orange or white would look lovely but the print she has on is the EXACTLY the print of my dad’s night suit..

  26. Tee at | | Reply

    she looks so comfortable..sigh!

  27. charan at | | Reply

    oh so chic!!! love it!

  28. sri at | | Reply

    fashion commonsense says if the bottom is wide legged, the top needs to be tight fitting and if top is voluminous then the bottom need to be tight. here both are voluminous. guess its okay for a beach look

  29. khadija at | | Reply

    im from pakistan. before i could comment on this mary above has made a comment alreay…these pants r very much in fshion in PAKISTAN….n they look very nice with kurtas except konkana should have worn plane white pants instead of the pyjama looking pants..i love the look…this is how everyone is dressing up in pakistan….long long kurtas with such pants…n they look very nice…

  30. khadija at | | Reply

    this reminds me im wearing the same in the morning….love desi stuff be it indian or pakistani

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