1. puruda,
    Most designers will take a print an incorporate it in many of their design in the same collection. Nikasha used the same print almost in every piece..

  2. lol i remember when you guys first posted about this in WTHeyy! And someone suggested that maybe she’s just carrying a LOT of duppattas…but apparently not!

  3. UGLY outfit, i am surprised people haven’t started their little rant on how Konkona is soo cool yet..

    She seems to be the flavor of the season for all those pretentious self-proclaimed-elite desi movie lovers.

  4. its one thing to be creative but this totally looks like the tailor had alot of left over scraps and just didn’t want to see any of it go to waste.

  5. u mean all those people who may defend konkona are those pretentious ppl, as she is the flavour of the season?
    lol that’s a pretty big generalisation right there

  6. huh? i think i made myself pretty clear..

    Konkona is this season’s Nandita Das..and i stand by my views and i don’t need to explain myself. Thank you

  7. nandita’s movies are all so serious and heavy going. konkona is open to more fun stuff like “mixed doubles” and that movie where she played rani mukherjee’s sister. anyway i don’t think anyone here has defended this atrocious outfit.


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