1. This lady, i love. Her sarees are gorgeous, her batuas, lovely and her smile, charming. Kiron Kher in North and Suhasini Maniratnam in South rock!

  2. i love her dress sense, but I dont like the pallu to be that long….I showed this to my Mom and she said, it will get filthy in Bombay sweeping the roads like that!!!!! Quite funny ….

  3. well me thinks that she wraps the pallu arnd her back n holds it..so wen she drops it ..it touches the floor..as she a huge lady it reqiure more of the pallu to b wrapped arnd..so thats y its touchin the floor..not quite cud buy the trend wala part…

  4. I suspect she drapes the sari with the pallu pleated on her shoulder, and once the waist pleats are tucked in to her satisfaction, lets the shoulder pleats drop, so it is just one bordero n her shoulder – this usually results ina longer than needed pallu! :-)


  5. Yep! That’s what Neeta Lulla advised Hemma Malini during her Baghban days, “wear your pallu long as it makes you look slimmer”. Believe it or not…I caught that while flipping channels like way back.

  6. Saree – A
    Jewelry – A
    Batua Purse – A
    Hair – B+ (getting monotonous honey)
    Makeup – C (Too much of it)
    Long Pallu – F- (Ugly , I also fear that the person behind you can trip on your pallu)

    Overall – C (Same monotonous look)


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