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    I’ve always been partial to how she dresses. She just comes off as comfortable and effortless in her own skin and clothing. It might not always be ‘fashion’ but it seems natural, which makes it work.

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      +1 agree completely

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    $1740, aaaiiie! The commerce of ‘ai’-fashion that looks laid back eludes me. Anyone?

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      I guess the price of even the fundamental stuff changes depending on your own income. I mean, the price of basic chappals can change. Heck, the price of groceries is different, depending on your means. Isn’t it?

      SO for you and I this might be an outrageous price. FOr her, this might be all she would have known… My guess

      1. HHC Fan at | | Reply

        Luxury goods are scams honestly. Whether you buy a cheap bag from departmental store or a $5000 bag, they are all made by some Chinese laborer who gets paid shit! I wish the celebrities would stop buying these luxury items and use their money to buy goods from the crafters in India! What happened to Indian craft bags? Are they not cool anymore?

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          I could not agree more with you. Very often the items are made in India its self and people pay a whooping amount for one outing of a bag.. and barely a fraction of the amount goes to the graft men. This is not fair trade.

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          +1 Additional to exploiting the hard work of some Chinese laborer by paying him barely some pennies, an animal was killed to use it’s skin as leather to make this bag. This is not fair trade as well as not ethically made.

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          I agree.. I’ve never understood the need for all these run-of-the-mill designer stuff for Indian celebrities.. Having a bag here or a dress there I can see, but not the complete overhaul we have seen in our celebrities over the last few years.
          So much so that even a chappal should come from some designer in Italy..
          We have an amazing distinct fashion and style in India- and a range of colors other people wouldn’t know of..
          And to top it all we have such talented craftsmen who know exactly the right way to make stuff, that’s suitable for our climate and needs !

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        I so agree. There are flip flops for Rs 100 and there are one for Rs 20,000. Depends on what you can afford. Though I don’t see anything worth for $1740 on this. Each to his own I guess.

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        “SO for you and I this might be an outrageous price. FOr her, this might be all she would have known… My guess ”

        That’s a stretch… In fact that’s completely wrong.
        None of our Bollywood celebrities, none at all, came from some old money or business family to have never known different. Soha maybe..
        All of their family names/money are hard-earned after many struggles, and I’m guessing the current generation isn’t so far-removed from their roots to not know that.
        My views on it aside, I’m just saying they are well aware of what they are spending. :)

        In fact, you just have to live in India to know that a family could probably be fed for a year for the price of your shoe or bag, if you’re spending $5000 on them !

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      Probably made from the skin of some exotic, grass fed, free range animal ;)

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