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  1. SNM at | | Reply

    Why couldn’t she find a T-shirt bra? What’s the point of glam clothes and accessories when you don’t wear a decent bra that doesn’t show lines? It totally ruined the look for me.

    Every time I see her, she looks to me like a teenager playing dress-up with her mom’s clothes.

    1. Deez at | | Reply

      Hahaha – now that you’ve mentioned, she does look like a teenager playing dress-up!!!! I think she tries too hard to be different. My suggestion would be either embrace fashion with all honesty or don’t be around for these.

      1. suchi at | | Reply

        ya she tries too hard to be different

    2. monika at | | Reply

      So agree with you……

    3. Sabita at | | Reply

      just realised I used the same terminology to describe Arpita khan…lol

  2. Kavita at | | Reply

    I love the whole look….. except the shoes.. not a big fan of the tan pumps.
    @P&p u guys didnt say what u think….. do YOU like the look?? =D

  3. Sandra at | | Reply

    yeah, nice. the tan pumps work. these glasses go to go!

  4. arpitha at | | Reply

    not liking the black color dress, she should have instead gone for the same color dress as the model.
    Her accessories,makeup & hairstyle would have suited that peach color dress more.

  5. Adara at | | Reply

    I hate! :P

  6. kumar at | | Reply

    ugh..that hair, that glass, that smile…damn u ..quirky u kiran rao!

  7. nope at | | Reply

    What time was the took off scheduled? She looks about ready to fly in that upside down parachute.

  8. viz at | | Reply

    shoes are meh! but she looks good

  9. Slc at | | Reply

    I love her dress. Stylish and comfortable. Choice of shoes are disappointing.

  10. Jasmine at | | Reply

    after seeing some of the comments here, i just thank my lucky stars my pictures are unlikely to be EVER featured in this blog!

  11. diptiN at | | Reply

    I think she looks good.

  12. Amina at | | Reply

    I like the color on the model better. Moreover, as previously said, these dresses just don’t go on her. She looks ok in the quirky ones. Maybe the hair needs to be styled better and the glasses definitely need to go if she wants to be able to carry these looks.

  13. Rhea at | | Reply

    Well to answer your question high heel !
    I do not like the look one bit.
    now for a little review….
    The dress is overwhelming with that balloon effect( she loves that look for some reason) The specks? Can we have an intervention?
    Sit her down and say hey we know you want every body to think you’re smart but let that reflect on the work you do, so lose those glasses and put on some lenses and enough of the “I am so different” so I’m purposely going to dress in some thing that stands out which actually looks garish! oh my eyes! tsk tsk

  14. ZI at | | Reply

    Peach dress and black pumps…the other way around wouldve looked better…
    I like the dress though…

  15. Shweta at | | Reply

    Maybe its just me, but I really like her style in general. Even here I think she looks pretty cute! Don’t particularly like the pumps but I think she pulls it off rather well..:)

  16. leslie at | | Reply

    @ P&p How did you guys like the ‘look’ on the lady?
    I agree with arpitha. she should have had gone for the same color dress as the model, or maybe she shopped keeping the model’s dress in mind and bought the accessories lol –

  17. kasthuri at | | Reply

    The dress has two kangaroo side pouches !

  18. Tvish at | | Reply

    As much as I like the cut & style-vibe that the dress has, I definitely prefer the colour on the model

  19. MJ at | | Reply

    Such an epic fail. Way to insult the term, “geek chic”…that hair, those try-hard glasses…stop, please!

  20. Fashionvictim at | | Reply

    I don’t get some of these celebrities. They’ll wear all the designer labels, do make up and hair, show up at the do’s and still pretend they don’t care about fashion, trends etc.

    case in point –
    #1 Kajol with her unibrow. She’ll clean her upperlip but won’t clean her brow because she doesn’t like makeup and plucking?
    #2 Kiran Rao’s glasses. She will do everything else, but won’t get contacts, because she’s above it all?

    Double standards, anyone?

    You’re in showbiz, girls, and you’re there because you want to. So clean up your acts!

    *end rant*

    1. SG at | | Reply

      “Cleaning” upperlips & brow. Sis, you have a big problem. There’s nothing unclean about body hair, it’s just the way we’ve been taught to think/brainwashed by current trends.

      And last I heard, you didn’t have to donate all your wishes to the cause of fashion. You can have individual likes/dislikes. Maybe Kiran Rao *likes* her glasses? And, in many cultures, a unibrow is a sign of beauty, and maybe Kajol likes how she is?

      Don’t praise conformity, please! Individuality is the essence of fashion.

      1. Fashionvictim at | | Reply

        Hmm, I’m sorry, but I can’t imagine women in the limelight with a full grown upper lip or underarm hair. Yikes! One can be individualistic without trying to get mileage out of their quirks, which is what these ladies are trying to do. It’s all about creating a public persona to sell tickets and get audiences interested in them being “different”. They mainstream with pretty much everything else!

  21. deemelinda at | | Reply

    she is looking less quirky than usual in this…i like it

  22. bongbabe at | | Reply

    she looks like she is about to explode with glee.

  23. Sabita at | | Reply

    I think she looks great…

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