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There is one thing to be said about Ms. Rao. You’ll never find her stuck-in-a-designer-rut. One to always sport something different, Kiran didn’t disappoint at Imran and Avantika’s wedding wearing an Anand Kabra sari.

Unfortunately, the sari that looked wonderful on the runway didn’t quite look the same off it and the ill-fitted sleeves are primarily to blame. They ended up making the overall look rather sloppy. Hiding the vest under the sari also didn’t help.

Fitted sleeves with the hair pulled back to show of the high-neck blouse and we might have liked the look.

Catch more pics Here.

Left: Anand Kabra, Resort 2010
Right: Kiran Rao at Imran Khan/Avantika Malik Post Wedding

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. I personally feel whatever modification have been done to this attire is just bcoz it should suit her body structure n height …she tries to luk differently and she scores good most of the time including her glasses…she always sported them n nowadays everybody is using it to make a style statement…

  2. Payal and Priyanka, dont mean to me snarky but I think its high time you girls realized that ‘pulled back hair’ or ‘hair in a ponytail’ does depend on what the person is wearing to show off the high neck on the outfit or that ‘gorgeous pair of kundan earrings’ better, but depends on the facial structure of the woman. Women with strong features like strong noses or those who have round faces often cannot wear their hair back.

    Its more important to wear your hair to compliment your face than the clothes yr wearing

      • i agree… only people with great features can carry off the pulled back hair look, which is you only see most of the models with their strong jawlines and gorgeous cheekbones wear their hair that way

      • i completely agree with your comment. its important to realize that one should give priority to choosing hairstyles that suit a person’s features. not everyone has the face to be able to pull of a variety of updos.

          • I agree too.Pulled back hair isn’t for everybody. I noticed the models and actresses are mostly the only ones who can carry them off well. I have a large forehead and pulled back hair just emphasizes it more and makes me look older.A short messy hairstyle gets me more compliments. :)

    • i agree mostly with you. I myself have a round face and pony’s make my face look rounder ! But thr are so many ways of pulling of hair back… You could have a high french braid or a low bun or twist your hair a bit on either sides or go with light banks/fringe. There are 100s of ways that of pulling hair back. Its just about finding which one suits your facial structure the best and most of them dont need a hair stylist, not that these ppl cant afford one.

      Hmmm, this look is a WTHeyy for me. The saree could have worked with a simple fitted non-full-sleeves blouse and statement jewelry.

  3. hehehe..Kiran is free from stuck-in-a-designer-rut..but has he own rut in which she goes to different designers..chooses their worst clothes..and then get them further altered to unflattering fitting..bad sari..messy blouse..unkempt hair..i don’t know what would make one pick this sari for any occasion..let alone close family wedding..!!
    ..and i know she has to wear glasses..but the truth is that they rarely look good with fancy/party wear.. spl Indian party wear..and if one has to wear..then maybe something frame-less instead of the chunky black ones would have been more suited..

  4. for me it is ‘WTHeyyy’,with a simple blouse it would have been better for her….this sari and blouse are for tall ,slender girls…

    • true! One silver lining to this cloud – On the opposite end of the spectrum from ‘stealing the bride’s thunder’ , contrasted with this monstrosity , the bride looks that much lovelier! So thank you Kiran for unwittingly helping the bride look a lot more charming on her D-day!

  5. I am also pleasantly surprised how the look is dark from top to bottom covering the model completely and yet it looks so good on a dark skinned model with dark make up. I would nt usually dare to cover myself with dark colours unless its winter and i have little choice.

    • @Kasthuri, this is a purely Indian bias. Dark-skinned people can wear pretty much any colour they want!

      Abroad, people have the opposite bias. They think you have to be tan or dark to carry off the really bright pinks and purples.

      Just make sure the colour suits your personality, and make sure you are confident of how you look!

      I am dark (not dusky, *dark*) and my favourite colours are navy blue, midnight blue, purple and bright pink.

    • Good Lord, I didn’t realise this dark people should wear light colours thing was STILL around!

      Nothing like jewel tones to bring out the beauty of dark skin. And a dark palette – black, greys – well done can look good on anyone.

      • its not about wearing dark colours in general but covering up chin to toe completely like the model.
        But in general i do think lighter or brighter shades look better than darker shades on dark ppl. Even Oprah said that sometime. Apparently a lot more lighting is required otherwise. lol.

        • ha ha, dark skinned people should wear light colours, is a typical comment my grannys would make!! I’m not ‘light’ and I stick to bright or jewel colours as I think they look best on my skin tone. The worst shades on me are the pastel ones, I think westerners have the right idea on this!

  6. I usually applaud Kiran Rao for her sense of style and almost studied determination to not stick to the usual trends but this one is VERY disappointing. A much taller, slimmer woman might have carried it off but Kiran Rao just looks really bunched and bundled and frumpy.

  7. Shes not pulling it off, the draping, the styling whatever, the whole look is sloppy. You’d think you’d make a bit more effort for your brother in laws wedding. I know I’ve said it before about her specs looking off with such outfits and people getting defensive about it, but if you must wear glasses( as I sometimes do) why not go for a rimless pair like Zeenat Aman wears? She still manages to look hot in them I have to add! As you can see such heavy, dark specs just kill such outfits especially in pics.I don’t care what anyone says, they look great on preppy western clothes but not these sorts of outfits.

    • Agree with most everything in this comment, except that its not her brother in law’s wedding. Its her nephew in law’s wedding. (Aamir is Imran’s Maamu.)

    • Zeenat Aman’s rimless frames remind me of an HR worker/sarah palin. I usually like Kiran’s quirky frames but this look is just horrible. She seems to be trying too hard to look different. In fact she comes across looking bad most times when I know she can do much better.

  8. i love that colour but the outfit is very confusing. what looks striking on a 6ft tall model walking the ramp often does not translate well into real life. if there’s going to be a wedding reception, let’s keep our fingers crossed that kiran chooses something better.

  9. She should have made some changes to the runway look. Its way too busy on her small frame. Even though shes open to different looks it feels like she has not figured out how to make it work. You can see where she is trying to go with the look, but most of them need a lot of adjustments.

  10. Nothing could have saved this colossal blunder! The sari with a regular blouse is a timeless attire, why do people try to reinvent the wheel? Sorry to be so harsh but it looks like someone stuffed
    Shirley Temple into a magic carpet :(

  11. Besides being ill fitted..I think Kiran needs to realise that a lot of these clothes look great on the runway becoz of the body type of the models…real tall and thin models will carry off most clothes that are flowy with ease without making them look sloppy…and Kiran with pulled back hair/pony tail will look terrible…sorry…I just dont think that look will look good on her….

  12. HHC, you have always praised her to be different…well, this time she went too far. She, her saree and everything else about her is a mess here. The blouse, the jacket, the neckline all works on the runway…but in real is an absolute disaster!!!

  13. The sari on the runway is not two toned and fairs much better to the one worn by Rao. But fashion or not whatever she is wearing is seriously horrid. To wear a high neck blouse with long sleeves you need the height to carry it off. Models with that height make rags look good. I always beleive that being stylist or fashionable is not always about quickly wearing the latest piece that is showcased on the runaway, its about making whatever you wearing look fashionable and the number one rule is that you must feel comfy in the attire and it must suit you.

  14. Only people who don’t understand their body would only wear something like this and that sleeve!
    Just becos something looks good on the model is going to look good on you, why dont ppl get it?
    This is WTHEYYYY!

  15. i do get disappointed when you dont publish my insensitive and mean comments, but…i would put her in fashion jail.
    i can’t control myself, apologies.

  16. With all due respect; she maybe trying to be different, but ended up making a fool of herself…like those badly dressed relatives/friends we see at the weddings ;)

    What is with these people…they have all the money in the world…why cant they invest in a full length mirror.

  17. PnP, PLEASE STOP FEATURING her… she is not stylish. PERIOD!!!!! she does all this to get some attention, thats all… lets not encourage her… we have other well dressed women to look at!

    that sari is horrendous and so is this woman’s sense of dressing…. she’s never added anything to whatever she’s worn… she should stick to t-shirt n tees…

  18. there are some other pictures provided by you guys from the wedding. Aamir’s ex wife is also in them and she looks lovely in a pink traditional gharara (sabyasachi?) It also features Aamir’s son Junaid in a Karan johar creation,why don’t you post those pictures along with your take on them ?


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