Its The Blues Face Off


Celina Jaitely played with some blue streaks in her hair while Anushka went all out in a blue wig!

This round for me goes to Anushka only because it is soooo over the top, quirky and fun, that it actually seems to work; on Celina it only looks a little tired and has that feeling of ‘trying-too-hard’…

Maybe its the outfit that ruined the quirkiness of the former, or the personality that enhanced the quirkiness of the latter! Agree?

Celina Jaitley
Anushka Manchanda



  1. hmmm..i hated that blonde wig on Kareena Kapoor in tashan, but this seems to be working.. maybes it the blue jeans.. i think its the attitude too

  2. The electric blue wig looks fun; wonder when can I summon the guts to wear colourful wigs. I may have to wait for a halloween or some themed party.

  3. I agree with P&P
    Anushka…becasue she knows it’s ridiculous and quirky and she goes with it and makes it work by looking comfortable…Celina looks constipated

  4. love, love, love the blue hair! maybe it works because it’s not meant to be taken seriously at all, unlike celina’s look?


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