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  1. masood at |

    the black is ok….but grey just doesnt work on indian skin tone….i think its way too bland

  2. jasmine at |

    wowwww katrina looks GORGEOUS

  3. Omg at |

    Love the dress

  4. moni at |

    Kat rocks. Nethra looks underfed. You need to eat honey.

  5. pdaervo at |

    this is the best I’ve ver seen Katrina
    the light plays off of all of her best features

  6. Madhu at |

    Agreed Pdaervo, Katrina definitely is looking her best…dewy and soft. Love the black. Neha and the model in that white/gray combo look totally washed out.

  7. Surbhi at |

    i think the dress is better in a photoshoot.. in real life it looks like something Cleopatra would wear, albeit a longer version..

  8. FARAH at |

    who is harmeet bajaj?? and where can one get the black one??

    pls telll

  9. Megha at |

    isn’t it a crime or something to be THAT beautiful

  10. Adit at |

    Harmeet is a choreographer and was on the faculty of NIFT – Delhi, very talented, sweet lady with oodles of class and taste….her clothes if I am not mistaken are sold at Ogaan and Karma…Love the outfits both on Netra, and Kat

  11. luvstonz at |

    Sweet person she surely is, but I thought the designer for BIAN was her sister Gurpreet?

  12. Adit at |

    both are designers, Gurpreet fora little longer, and she has settled in NY

  13. FARAH at |

    thx Adit!!

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