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    She looks lovely. I do find the look summery and wispy.

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    Katrina has her own very strong sense of style and she looks great in what she is comfortable in . She looks fresh and pretty . I like

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    She’s looking lovely and I don’t mind the hair but all her recent outfits have been extremely boring. She’s a beautiful woman and she should wear something more stylish.

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    Her hair is such a snooze always. Such a pretty lady, she should be confident of pulling off all sorts of hairdos..looks like she isn’t!!!

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    This is such a pretty dress! I want!

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    She looks lovely.. I think it’s her genuine smiles that are winning this round of movie promotions

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    She looks beautiful in it. It is casual yet dressy, perfect for a promotion I think.

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    She has such gorgeous hair and am waiting for the day when she sports any other hairstyle but this. So bored!

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    I was going through some of the “Missing” ads in the local news paper and found Lady K’s hairstylist’s name on it.
    When it comes to styling and hair …..it is a case of “dhoondte rehejaoge”

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    she looks super pretty!

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