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  1. Sanya at | | Reply

    Kirron Kher… Ayesha’s blouse (almost like a top that can be worn with jeans?) is interesting though.

  2. neetal at | | Reply

    ayesha for sure

  3. Anon at | | Reply

    Ayesha… but this staid look of hers is getting boring now.

  4. jabina at | | Reply

    i think thye both did a great job

  5. Manisha at | | Reply

    i gotta say ayesha wins here.. but kirron kher is ever so classy

  6. jane at | | Reply

    kiron’s doode!
    i mena it’s chunkier n hindustani!

  7. H at | | Reply

    ayesha’s simply cause her neckpiece is more elegant; kirons is too chunky

  8. GW at | | Reply

    They both look SCARY ! Of course, Kiron more so.

  9. shonali at | | Reply

    kirron does it better. her necklace is more interesting and ayesha’s blouse is wierd

  10. Kiran from NYC at | | Reply

    They both look like my aunt or friend would look dressed in Desi attire. They look normal and unscary and comfortable. Thier comfort and confidence in how they are dressed is actually showing on thier faces. So the look is right for both.

    Kiran from NYC

  11. the mad momma at | | Reply

    both i think. but then its an unfair comparison between a fat old lady and a young slim girl.

  12. Never Mind at | | Reply

    Ms.Dharker purely for the simple and fresh look. For some reason, Kirron Kher always comes across as loud and over the top to me. I agree with Mad Momma, unfair to compare a fat old lady and a young woman.

  13. woot at | | Reply

    Kirron Kher. But i would drop her ever so chunky necklace. I actually think that Ayesha looks uncomfortable…her stance.

    and btw OMG u guys are AWESOME!!!! Totally changed the website huh?? now we can search and everything!!! WOOT!! way to go!!!!

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