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At the wrap party of Baar Baar Dekho, Katrina was spotted wearing a Topshop Unique look from the Spring 2016 collection. Ms. Kaif usually does casual denims when it comes to events like these so am quite surprised at the outfit pick here. Having said that though, can’t say it all came together.

Her wearing her hair down like that made the look feel rather stuffy and I don’t think she wore that sheer top effortlessly. Love those Aquazzura tie-up flats though. (Or are they knockoffs? Who knows these days!)


Katrina Kaif At Baar Baar Dekho Wrap Party-2

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. If she is so uncomfortable wearing a sheer top that she has to cover it with her hair….there are other tops in the market you know.

  2. So all the dazzling appearances were reserved only to Fitoor promotions? Now she is back to square one with her blah dressing sense.

  3. I dont mind the shorts and the sheer top but her face – the makeup looks so off making her look drowsy. :O She was having a good run in the recent past.

  4. Very bizzare hairstyle. Looks like a very obvious attempt to hide the ear/neck area. The outfit is alright, barring the shoes. I don’t think they quite go with this ensemble.

    • Exactly. Give this dress to Kristen Stewart. She will rock it. Katrina can’t rock these type of outfits. It looks like a grown woman wearing teenager clothes.

  5. the shorts are cool
    she should have worn it with a non sheer top and let the shorts work.

    her makeup, hair is horrible here imo, she looks tired and washed out and the look aged her.

  6. its like she trying to keep it casual but has so much make up on and it ages her.. the top just doesn’t go with those shorts..its like she just wasn’t thinking… looks like a mess!

  7. Throwback to the weird outfits she’d wear before she became an A lister and got herself a stylist. Maybe she was just having a I-don’t-give-an-eff kinda day :)


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