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The cast of Jab Tak Hai Jaan made an appearance at the Kolkata Film Festival with Katrina opting for a pink Manish Malhotra sari and Anushka a white Varun Bahl anarkali.

Of the two, Anushka caught our attention in her red bindi and kundan jewellery. Who caught yours? Katrina, Anushka, or is SRK still a distraction for you die-hard fans? :P

Katrina Kaif, Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma at Kolkata Film Festival 2012


  1. I only caught a glimpse of Anushka on TV – thought she looked lovely in white but having now seen the look in entirety over here, the red bindi further amps it up! Beautiful, indeed

  2. I may be in the minority but I think Katrina looks absolutely stunning. Anushka looks hideous, this look does not suit her at all.

      • The entire look is nice, it’s just that Anushka is not doing justice to it. I feel her face is too cutesy to be able to pull off such a traditional look. On someone else, this look would’ve been a 10/10.

      • I agree I prefer Katrina here she looks stunning, but Anushka didn’t do justice to her look,the concept is great but it would’ve looked better on either Sonam or Deepika

  3. anushka looks stunning!!! if it were anyone else doing the look, they’d look like a joke easily. katrina seriously needs to get out of her ordinary. so over her pink saris. same old, same old. am i the only one bored with her?

  4. Anushka has this one in the bag!!
    She looks drop dead gorgeous! One of her best till date. Katrina – same ol same ol. Oh dear Katrina kaif please give us an updo puhleeze

  5. You mean there are other people in this picture besides SRK??! ;)

    Upon the 10th look (once I kinda got past looking at SRK 0:-) this has to go Anushka for changing it up and doing that oh so well!!! Not that Kat doesn’t look good too because she does but there’s nothing we haven’t seen dozens of times before, but this one definitely goes to Anushka she looks amazing

  6. both look good.
    Though its kat’s same old style but she looks simple & nice.
    But anushka’s hair style & bindi dont go with her dress, a bengali stlye sari would have worked better.

  7. Love Anushka’s look. Just wish the bindi was a tad smaller. Big bindis look good on middle-aged theatre activists, but someone young like her would do well to stick to a ‘slightly’ smaller version.

  8. Anushka’s outfit is so lovely but that red bindi is huge! It totally takes away from the elegance of the look.

    Katrina’s hair is a bore, but the sari is beautiful.


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