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  1. Ratna at | | Reply

    That dress doesn’t look great from all angles. But she looks great. I would like to see her with her hair up sometime.

    1. suchi at | | Reply

      agree, looks best in pic 2

    2. kasthuri at | | Reply

      agree….its must not be nice wearing clothes that look good only in certain angles…cos u cant always position urself to the photographer..funny problem…”i look great but only if u stand north west ;p”

  2. Summer at | | Reply

    isn’t this the same gown that shilpa shetty wore for her wedding reception?

  3. Lisa at | | Reply


  4. Glitter Girl at | | Reply

    “We don’t KNOW about you but we really liked the change.”

    Way too many late nights, aye Payal?

  5. ariel001 at | | Reply

    The gown is ok. Nothing great. But it is an improvement from her prom dresses. Can we get a hair change now?

  6. sabrina at | | Reply

    atleast its NOT a frock.

  7. arpitha at | | Reply

    She is looking nice in the middle pic.
    But in the other pics the dress color & design looks like a saints dress from old Indian movies.
    She should have added some other color thru accessories…atleast a watch or bracelet.

  8. Myla at | | Reply

    What is this current obsession in Bollywood with wearing gowns for all events, whether appropriate or not? Big Boss is a casual kind of show, even the host Salman Khan wears jeans most of the time and these girls show up in jeans. I think a salwar kameez would have been more appropriate.

  9. sara at | | Reply

    This is highly reminiscent of the drape dress by french connection.

  10. Someone at | | Reply

    The only good thing about this look is that you do not get to see her legs for a change.

  11. Dia at | | Reply

    Oh my.. she looks stunning !! Looks like Grecian goddess here
    Kat looks elegantly beautiful.. I love this Saree inspired gown!
    I only wish I found something similar to my prom night :(
    Can I buy it online or something? I don’t live in India.

  12. Sunanda at | | Reply

    Nice, but kinda meh.

  13. Mitr Friend at | | Reply

    That’s a REAL transformation from her Barbie doll looks!!!

  14. narmeena at | | Reply

    HAAAAWT as usual ! I love her skin tone !

  15. narmeena at | | Reply

    yeah … she should wear her hair up more often :(

  16. sinlesschocolate at | | Reply

    a change yes..but not quite inspirational

  17. a at | | Reply

    Overdosing on Katrina…can’t wait for these ” Tees Maar Khan” promotions to be over.

  18. Belle at | | Reply

    Why am I seeing only Farah and Kat promoting Tees Maar Khan?? I’m sick of seeing Kat…where is my AKKI?? I would never tire of him…even if he wore those hideous jeans :P:P

    That being said, she looks normal. Like, she looks pretty, but most of the time, she doesn’t bring her own personality to whatever she wears.

  19. rina at | | Reply

    She look so lovely!!! Gown has a rather middle eastern feel to it but looks best in the 2nd pic….

  20. deemelinda at | | Reply

    This design is awful, shilpa wore it at her wedding and looked the worst she has

  21. rushil at | | Reply

    kat has kinda lost her previous charm…..a spark she had when she just entered bollywood….now she looks quite dull….fatigued would be the right word.
    BTW payal, is this dress those pin up saris which r quite rampant today??

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