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  1. Sadie at | | Reply

    She’s looking gorgeous!

  2. Ankita at | | Reply

    gorgeous!i never liked ranna gill but ive started to like most stuff on katrina..i LOVE the pink outfit she wears in S Is King..!!(The Egypt Song)
    Btw..P and P did u guys end up going for Unforgettables?
    Any opinions on the outfits yet??

  3. Sunshine at | | Reply

    All the variations are fabulous!

  4. salzie at | | Reply

    LOVE the dress!!! The neckline is gorgeous! She never dresses badly. I love her!

  5. Surbhi at | | Reply

    yep.. thats what i was going to say too.. she really knows how to dress.. her clothes in namastey london were really cool.. must be the London effect.

  6. sonia at | | Reply

    Katrina only lived in London for a couple of years before moving to Mumbai to work as a model. She grew up in Hawai.

  7. greengirl at | | Reply

    these are bad photos. do u still have to use them?

  8. lavina at | | Reply

    i feelm ranna gill is d best designer in india…..her stuff is awesome

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