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  1. keya at | | Reply

    I actually like it.
    She just needed to pait it with some bold accessories.. like chunky bangles or a necklace.

  2. suchi at | | Reply

    looking quite cute, agree with keya

  3. Carol at | | Reply

    That striped dress made Katrina look boxy. It looks good on the model.

  4. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    i actually like it. it’s not boring. it’s normal. normal is refreshing. and sobering. and my senses would like to thank katrina for not overloading them.

  5. pdaervo at | | Reply

    very nice, love the hair and I love a minimalist black and white look
    I’m not really into accessories you see…

  6. Anu at | | Reply

    I like the dress on katrina…at least she isn’t trying too hard and looks kinda sweet

  7. SA at | | Reply

    I like it too and think there’s nothing boring about normalcy. Plus I find the stripes combo interesting actually.

  8. jaja at | | Reply

    katrina can’t be boring-looking, because she simply isn’t boring; and she doesn’t need accessories.

  9. kashish at | | Reply

    omg, I have the same dress bought from – wait for this – Primark last summer..cost only £15…

    would be suprising if its in the current season for Mango…copying from Primark? tut tut….

  10. chic chick at | | Reply

    this dress make Kat look verrrrryyy voluptous, and Im not sure if thats a good thing

  11. me at | | Reply

    dont know why from begning she never wow me, every time i see her i just go oh her again, she lacks that WOW factor for some reason

  12. R at | | Reply

    Simple and beautiful. I love her skin! She looks good here.

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