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  1. koel at | | Reply

    Kat rocks !

    The other model looks better in the BlueMarine dress though!

  2. karishma at | | Reply

    for us these pics are been there seen that but i doubt any of the men reading the magazine will have any complaints. it’s more of a ‘hello boys’ photoshoot rather than high fashion.

    1. umema at | | Reply

      i must say u know a little about “”fashion””” there are different types of high fashion photoshoot..the attiontion is paid more on the dresses then katrina’s face u can see it in the 1st three pictures but yet she managed to look super Gorgeous!!

  3. KP at | | Reply

    shes gorgeous … anything to have a body and face like that … she has the right amount of curves to make her seem real!

  4. Sam at | | Reply


    The same hairstyle and gown style in every picture? Really?

    And slits in long gowns really bug me. A gown is supposed to make you look classy not trashy.

  5. kaya at | | Reply

    I’m actually feeling exceedingly tired and lazy right now but… I felt I had to comment on this four outfit long post..

    I usually feel long, formal black gowns more often than not spell words like cliché and unimaginative as many designers take for granted that long and black spells classic and forego the obvious like innovation, creativity, fit, cut AND the list goes on..

    this gown though is stunning and sultry and it manages that without being crass or in your face unlike many… very pretty and Katrina carries it well.

    This second gown instantaneously brings to mind the loud attempt Blake Lively made and failed misrably at being sexy.. it was far too much and overdone but the model makes it look okay… on the ramp. And Katrina does whatever can be done with what she’s given in that shot I guess.

    The edgy thing is getting to me, it’s absolutely everywhere and there are more cloned attempts at being edgy than anything else at the moment and this, on the model, looks like another one. Katrina again carries it fine.

    And the fourth one ine short is boring, repetitive, badly tailored and a little crass.


    And yup the lengthy slits and the plunging necklines don’t go together most of the time(as Blake has demonstrated time and again)and this is far far too much.

    1. S.M at | | Reply

      I disagee – The dress in Blake was so much more interesting. On Katrina in the photo shoot, and with those shoes on, it comes across as boring!

      I loved the colour – it’s a shame the photographer doesn’t capture it well.

      1. Pri at | | Reply

        I loved blake livelys look and I LOVEEE the versace gown I would totally wear it

        1. Pri at | | Reply

          The blue versace..not the black one

  6. Sharin at | | Reply

    If you compare Katrina’s on the couch pose with Angelina’s on the couch pose.. Kat’s looks so lame lol. She looks good in these evening gowns.

  7. Epiphany at | | Reply

    the versace dress looks like the one blake lively work at the met costume gala.

  8. princess_sim at | | Reply

    what’s with the hand on the hip and the leg sticking out. seems like she’s trying too hard to be sexy.. when she doesn’t need to!

  9. M at | | Reply

    do not like the footwear in any of the pics- looks like stuff from some cheap AGACI shop

  10. gaga at | | Reply

    the versace blue is gorgeous.
    she looks lovely…but i’m probably the only few people who don’t think much of katrina’s looks. :(
    for me lara is the yardstick i measure everyone by and very few come close.
    sorry katrina fans.

  11. Megha at | | Reply

    it’s a shoot for GQ and all the pictures are very ‘come hither’ hence i can totally see why they picked the plunging necklines and the slits

    katrina looks absolutely amazing
    i love her curves and her legs look ‘wow’ in the last picture

  12. Zee at | | Reply

    Bollywood hair…yawn…….

  13. Stuti at | | Reply

    Haha, what is it with Katrina wearing two gowns Blake Lively has already worn? Also, this editorial is shockingly lame, dull, and contrived. The Blumarine gowns, albeit pretty, just aren’t editorial worthy. There is SO much potential in some of the gowns, the black one for example. It’s disappointing, really. But meh, it is GQ.

  14. Jessica at | | Reply

    She is the most stunning woman alive
    OMG love her body figure
    She is looking magnificent

  15. lurverlurver at | | Reply

    the gowns are gorgeous..esp the black….kat looks good in them..

  16. Kiwi at | | Reply

    Ha! I showed these pics to my hubby … he liked the last look the best— men do not worry abt creativity , shoes etc etc. She looks very ‘appealing’. Is the right look for a GQ

  17. maya at | | Reply

    would look so much better, if the hair was neater.
    less like a nightdress.
    but i digress – with a lady so pretty, who cares to be witty?

  18. Sharin at | | Reply

    Well it is GQ magazine, their target audience isn’t fashion inclined women so I think this shoot is great. She doesn’t look crass or overtly sexy I think it’s exactly the right amount. N man she has some serious curves.

  19. chocolate martini at | | Reply

    I don’t get why everyone is analyzing this from a high fashion photoshoot perspective and saying it’s too in-your-face-sexy or trashy

    This is a MEN’S magazine!!!! NO prizes for guessing what kind of a vibe they were going for. Most shoots for male mags have the same tone.

  20. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I like ever single dress on the model better. It’s the styling.
    That icy blue Blumarine is amazing on her body though. The hair is too actually messy for the formal dresses- even a faux messy look would have worked better.

  21. lazyU at | | Reply

    I first thought she was modelling nightwear. lol!

    1. umema at | | Reply

      thrre is difference between a catwalk photo and a photoshoot…i honestly think every single dress is looking way better on katrina then the cat walk model..if its not katrina i will never even stop by and bother to look at the 1st two and the last dress!!

  22. anamika at | | Reply

    katrina looks va va voom in the dresses. we should note that it’s a men’s magazine so fashion is not upermost in their minds. it’s interesting that she hasn’t gone for a bust enhancement like bipasha and shilpa.

  23. MANGOgrl at | | Reply


    But those Bluemarine (model) shoes are rocking.. one more addition to the lust list

  24. R at | | Reply

    Katrina is absolutely gorgeous… I can see why this would work in GQ!

  25. Pri at | | Reply

    Her hair looks dry

  26. shreya at | | Reply

    The model looks better in every single pic…katrina looks so “filmy”. Poor styling…very boring!

  27. anam at | | Reply

    she looks sooooo good! perfect body! i ahve to say NOONE in bollywood has a body like that! her face is flawless and her skin is just amazing!she has no discolouration whatsoever! her poses are sultry but not OTT at the same time!

    these are amazing pics and really nice gowns..

    p.s. the “same pose” u are refering to enhances her figure hence she is doing it…hello it is a mens magazine u kno!

  28. Bili at | | Reply

    She looks great. Because the designers copy the same styles, hence the slits in the dresses; can’t fault Katrina for the clothing style, and I don’t see how the poses are all alike.

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