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  1. Nina at | | Reply

    She looks perfect, so beautiful and glamorous wow! love love the red hair, it’s such a bold look, she is finally doing something different with her hair and looks stunning, also the gown is so gorgeous. She impressed both yesterday and today! WHAT A BEAUTY <3

  2. Sukriti at | | Reply

    Yes, its a lot of red. But I’ll take this over her yesterday’s look anyday!! She looks smashing!

  3. deb at | | Reply

    this time, it’s kinda plain to see… the photogs just aren’t taking her pictures… She doesn’t have that oomph somehow, no matter how much red she has on!

    1. Tina at | | Reply

      Again wrong reading…there are 100s of photogs there and the photo which we see of hers is taken by some photographer, right? So lets never under-estimate our India beauties as they are definitely noticed at international level!!!

      1. deb at | | Reply

        Perhaps you got me wrong, I am not underestimating Indian girls at all… I consider them to be some of the prettiest in the world… Just underestimating THIS Indian beauty because it is very rare to see Ms Kaif step out of her comfort zone…. I did expect her to bring her A Game to this one… Unfortunately, well…. And obviously, some photog took this, but seeing that u missed the sarcastic humour here, I was merely hinting at a comment on the post on her debut that said that no one was clicking her… It is pretty obvious from the background :P

        1. sam at | | Reply

          is she indian ?? neither her citizenship nor nationality is! well she act acts in indian films!

          1. Nancy at |

            Agree with Sam. She is not Indian, not an NRI either. She is only acting in Indian films.
            So there is no question about undermining Indian beauty here.

  4. Shiny Object at | | Reply

    You missed red belt HHC.

    I like this much better over yesterday’s look.

  5. Jiminywiminy at | | Reply

    It doesnt look on paper like it should work, but it does! She looks great! I think it coz the shade of red of her gown is not a very jarring one.

  6. $ at | | Reply

    I will take this look over wat we saw yesterday.Though she could have done whole lot better.She should have chose some beautiful gowns..Both of her gowns did disappointed me.

  7. Carol at | | Reply

    This is better than yesterday but still safe and boring. She needed a different hairstyle. Also the red leather belt on a red evening gown is ridiculous – a gold or silver belt was needed for some pizazz. Finally the look needed some sparkly earrings. This is just a plain Jane look.

  8. shwetha at | | Reply

    Te red on red just doesnt work and her severe hairdo and makeup, add the lace to it – overall ups her age by atleast 10 years. just dont get it.

    The complete nonchalance from the photographers around her (even the ones shes facing) is plain insulting….

  9. tina at | | Reply

    Christ!!! Why leaving out on red nails???!!!
    Out of EVERY POSSIBLE OPTION AVAILABLE ON EARTH…this is what she choose for her debut to Cannes.
    Mallika seema to have fared better than Ms. Kaif.
    A very disappointing afternoon.

  10. trololonasty at | | Reply

    This dress is so much better than her yesterday appearance that I’m ready to forgive her this hella lot of red. Elie Saab is a perfect choice for anything. The make-up could be better, though. Don’t like the matching lip colour, it’s too much. All in all, could be better, but good enough.

  11. KK at | | Reply

    Much much better than yesterday. I actually really like the dress. But I can’t get on board with that red hair color.

  12. Moksh at | | Reply

    There was a previous comment – out of all dresses she could have chosen, why did she choose red? That is not her color in the first place (since she generally does subtle colors). On top of that everything red. I wonder why didnt she go for her natural light makeup when she was anyways not going to make a fashion statement. The dress fits her like a glove but that is where the pros end and the cons start. She is naturally so beautiful, here she looks uncomfortable, even yesterday she looked uncomfortable. Just my 0.02.

  13. zoya at | | Reply

    Better than yesterday but than again jet black hair would have worked so much better.

  14. pallavi at | | Reply

    She looks better than yesterday but could have worn something better.She never dares to take any risk.Also the photographers are least bothered to capture her.Forgot to mention that red belt..what was its use?

  15. molecule at | | Reply

    Ms Kaif walks the talk. ” I am very boring ya” is a phrase she uses a lot. Now I am convinced of her honesty. However, this is a professional mission, which requires the rep to look cool or striking or alluring or smoldering or pretty or beautiful or that dreaded word…INTERESTING. The outfit is totally unmemorable. The make up, definitely not gonna help with any Loreal sales and attitude…..well that accessory should always be worn in showbizz but was totally discarded here. The dress is red and it makes me feel hot……….and stuffy.

  16. slc at | | Reply

    Meh. It’s not horrid I keep telling myself, just disappointing. Not to crazy about the make-up though.

  17. Aditi at | | Reply

    I wish I could say this is red hot..it’s not!! I wish there was some contrast. Ms Kaif has all the elements of a femme fatal but missing the bus here!!

  18. Pixie at | | Reply

    P n P, guys you forgot to count the red belt! She resembles a Barbie doll…and Not in a good way..

  19. Sara at | | Reply

    Smoking hot! She is OWNING that look and looks elegant and comfortable doing it.

  20. arsh at | | Reply

    if she wanted that hair, I would have given her a golden gown…something in gold….:)

  21. arsh at | | Reply

    something in gold or nude may be…elegant n all..:)…nevertheless she doesn’t look bad

  22. Priya at | | Reply

    And the snooze fest continues. Thank god, this was her 2nd or does it count as 3rd and final look.

  23. swani at | | Reply

    I swear…this “red hair” role in her upcoming movie better be worth a HUGE miss on the red carpet. No Joke

  24. Unda murgi at | | Reply

    I can’t seem to get on board with this look. It’s all too red. Not to mention the make up lacks finness and ages her.

  25. kasturi at | | Reply

    Variation of Red riding hood costume..just needs a cape and then she’s all set for another choc on ad.

  26. mary at | | Reply

    Nothing is working. Sorry

  27. Shari at | | Reply

    She’s looking stunning here. And it’s a great improvement from the first appearance.

  28. Cara at | | Reply

    She needed some other color to break all that red. Meh. Wasnt expecting much anyway. Fan Bing Bing on the other hand. Whoa. Knocked it out of the park 2 days in a row!

  29. Jyo at | | Reply

    no glam in that red attire….while it’s better than yday’s black, it still lacks the wow factor.

  30. Parisian at | | Reply

    Oh the red woman from the Game of Thrones found herself on the red carpet (no less) in Cannes.

  31. Avani at | | Reply

    The red hair somehow works with this outfit. She looks great. Wish she wore a solitaire ring , it would have added a bit of a bling to the all red look.

  32. Priyanka S at | | Reply

    I am finding her red carpet looks too safe and boring! She should hv experimented and tried something that makes her stand out and mark a memorable debut. But looks like she will be hardly remembered for her sartorial choices if she continues the same mode. Moreover, her red hair is a total deal breaker !

  33. Goldfish09 at | | Reply

    @Parisian I think red woman is more sexy than her here :P

  34. Stylebhelpuri at | | Reply

    She has droolworthy hair!

    The dress fits her perfectly as well..

  35. Ashes of Roses at | | Reply

    Too much red. This is making me sick!

  36. Reena at | | Reply

    lose the belt.
    wear a black lipstick.

    this look would have worked wonders.

    1. shwetha at | | Reply

      Spot on!

  37. priya at | | Reply

    She’s not looking good. Has been over styled to look like any other model without any individuality. The red doesn’t work for her though the dress is beautiful. looks like a barbie doll

  38. priya at | | Reply

    Priyanka or deepika would have owned this look. This look owns her!

  39. sanyukta at | | Reply

    Katrina’s appearance at cannes is gathering similar criticism as that of vidya’s…i know i am comparing two very different women and styles…but they both hardly ever experiment or come out of their comfort zone (which is absolutely subjective)…
    atleast vidya’s looks (again in her comfort zone) were made interesting, katrina’s looks are just meh….even her stunning face and body can’t salvage….

  40. sanyukta at | | Reply

    And that gown…..! We’ve seen elie saab on Aishwarya and sonam and they have picked such lovely gowns for their appearances…but this one hardly says “elie saab” very disappointing…

  41. sera at | | Reply

    What is it with bollywood actressed picking their boyfriend’s ex-flame’s stylist??? Kat picked Anaita, Deepika now works with Anushka’s stylist

    I think Kat went for the camouflaged look…wish she tried a little harder our eyes wiuld be spared

  42. A.dot.2.many at | | Reply

    I dnt have a problem with the hair colour (not a big one at least)… the gown is boring but it fits her like a glove. What I dnt get is the very strange make up. I dnt know how to describe it… its just so harsh and makes her face look so hard. Especially because we know how fresh and dewy this woman can look. The first photo does not even look like her. And also whats up with the skin colour… Is she really this tanned?.. was she this tanned in the airport photos? It looks too orange to be real. I dnt really have a problem with what skin colour people want to show they have. I dnt have a problem with darker-skinned people whitewashing themselves or vice-versa… their skin their business as long as it does not get into the cultural appropriation territory. But i just find it strange that on a site were everyone is just ready to pounce on anyone whose face, god forbid, looks a shade lighter than their hands, no one has anything to say about that

    1. Hdjf at | | Reply

      Thanks for this comment. Her face looks so different, nothing like her at All. And no one else seems to have an issue with it, I was beginning to think I need to get my eyes checked

  43. Anamika at | | Reply

    No one noticing how tall she is here? Her shoes, though not visible, certainly add -immensely- to her stature and that is commendable. Hat tip to the stylist to use height as an accessory. I bet she looked towering in person and that can turn heads.

    1. Tania at | | Reply

      Agreed. I like this look…it shouldn’t have worked on paper but she is rocking it.
      Kudos for the effort ! She looks hottt !

    2. $ at | | Reply

      She is wearing 8 inches heels :P

  44. DD at | | Reply

    She’s pretty… but that’s pretty much it! No personality or style whatsoever… I wish she’d put her good looks to some use…

  45. SS at | | Reply

    Not just red hot! She is sizzling red hot!!

  46. naughtytrini at | | Reply

    Got to agree with a previous commenter, the photogs is just not liking her and not bothering to waste their pics on her, there is nothing standing out with this look, girl you are on the red carpet at Cannes jeez she just doesnt stand out, she looks way too normal

  47. Di at | | Reply

    Katrina looks crushed on all the red carpet pics – seems like she’s not comfortable and she has got that fake smile and doesn’t look Indian at all!

  48. Shreya at | | Reply

    She looks fantastic in the long shots. It’s just that her make up is very harsh and the close ups don’t have that dewy freshness that she usually has.

  49. Shalini at | | Reply

    She’s rocking the whole red theme but the hair! Oh the hair! It falls so flat! An up-do would have elevated this look so much!

  50. Vid at | | Reply

    Too much red, must admit! Even if the dress is good and everything, you can not wear red on red carpet. It just doesn’t seem right. If you quickly glance the picture, you won’t even understand where the dress ends..!! She could have done so much better. And apart from dress, she doesn’t even look confident enough. Just hoping for something fresh and exciting from Sonam and Ash.!!

  51. hemasharma at | | Reply

    I Cannot get over her REDhair! Its looks very tacky.

  52. shikha at | | Reply

    she looks better than previous look, but how can stylists do such a mistake???? Her first appearance is screwed….. mediocre styling…. Blah!!

  53. sree at | | Reply

    A BIG NO to everything about this look. The dress def fits her well, but the material & color are not right for Cannes. She looks SOO boring and underwhelming, and don’t even get me started on her hair. I know it’s for a movie and all, but couldn’t she have changed it for Cannes and changed it right back for the movie?? Cannes is such a big deal, and she totally disappoints. Anaita has messed up completely!

  54. Fervid at | | Reply

    She is stunning, so doesn’t need gimmicks like the others. Had January Jones or Nicole Kidman sported this look, there would have been oohs and aahs. With her willowy frame and the added height, she totally carries it off.

  55. ap at | | Reply

    tacky look overall

  56. vee at | | Reply

    Lol reminds me of Mexican starlet Dulce Maria with this hair color. Again, is it 2005? Just add a set of horns and this is a devil costume.
    If the hair color industry wants promotion thru bollywood, at least get the shades right! well, maybe they figured it’s culturally better to stick with hennaish color. Why does’t anyone try light neutrals/ashes?

  57. Anna at | | Reply

    It was her chance to grab all the attention but she didn’t shine !!!

  58. arpitha at | | Reply

    was expecting more from her, even though she dresses simple.
    but even her makeup is red and whats up with her face it is so puffed up.

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