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  1. apeksha at | | Reply

    she looks hot !

  2. amz at | | Reply

    I just watched the movie too and loved it. Loved all of Katrina’s outfits and the men weren’t too shabby either.

  3. Hollywood Diva at | | Reply

    This butterfly print dress from Blumarine Spring 2011 is exquisite. Blumarine Spring collection 2012 is also interesting. It has lots of feminine floral dresses and accessories.Truly breathtaking….

  4. Chattz at | | Reply

    Don’t really like the dress but adore the shoes she is wearing!

    and whaaat? you guys ‘just’ watched the movie? :O

  5. Flier at | | Reply

    she does a lot of this in her personal style too, a flowy dress and thong sandals ! and i think its comfy and cute

  6. SMV at | | Reply

    This is the only outfit of her’s that I liked in the movie and was wondering , from which designer it was :-) Love it. Rest of her outfits were boring

    1. hsap at | | Reply

      ditto, i caught my eyes too.
      I too have just watched the movie :)

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