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  1. Rene at | | Reply

    boy what has she stuffed in there? the whole thing is a mess.

  2. Aarthi at | | Reply

    somehow I dont like that shade of green. But she has such beautiful skin!!! THAT i am envious of…sigh!

  3. Karishma at | | Reply

    Not liking this green (and the “patchwork”!!!)

  4. Priti at | | Reply

    Definitely the dress has benn ‘altered’ cause the stitches are visible…but then again it is still better than showing too much…

  5. Surbhi at | | Reply

    why is she posing so out and out? makes it look weird.. the patchwork doesnt fit.. dont like the shade of green tooo.. such a pity tho..

  6. Surbhi at | | Reply

    ahh.. just realized… its for that mag for which she won the sexiest woman title.. not happ..

  7. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I like the dress…and I think the color really brings out the color (contacts?) of her eyes
    I say that if you go for the dress with the plunging neckline, actually go though with it…the patchwork COMPLETELY ruins it

  8. nosh at | | Reply

    Did she match her contacts with the dress or something?? :P

    I think the bust looks a little snug on her but she looks great! I think she is so pretty :)

  9. bela at | | Reply

    did u see what hard kaur was wearing at the same event, i think she totally rocked the shantanu and nikhil outfit

  10. bela at | | Reply

    by the way this is a rocky s dress

  11. Bsimple at | | Reply

    Hmm..dunno why…she is not looking her best…seems she is uncomfortable too…anyhoo, I wonder if u guys saw Hard Kaur’s pic at the event? this time she really has a nice dress on…

  12. Jaishree at | | Reply

    She almost makes it work-the green is gorgeous! hate the patchwork though-maybe she should have worn some jewellery to hide her cleavage-keeping everything else simple.

  13. Belle at | | Reply

    yeah the patchwork is horrible…and so obviously not part of the original dress.

    she has awesome skin…but i really want her to try a different style now. it’s always the sam makeup style especially.

  14. sonal at | | Reply

    if the dress wd have been the color of that belt it wud have rocked minus the patch..i mean insted of that skin color patch they cud have added a lil more green cloth there then there wudnt b any need of the patch wid stones which i gess r there to make it look as if it were the original piece…and wats wid her bust..?ppl hidin in there..?

  15. nitu at | | Reply

    after winning a “title” like that i did not expect a downer like that…

  16. Not a sheep at | | Reply

    gotta say I think it looks good. not great, not fabulous, but good enough. i think the rest of you are just forming your opinions based on the blog-writer’s opinion. so many sheeps, so little time…

  17. Carol at | | Reply

    This woman is boring as hell. The hair and makeup are always the same. The posing is always the same. That dress is ugly and looks cheap. She is just a blandly pretty woman (with good skin) like girls you see every day on the streets in the US or UK – nothing special or different.

  18. U at | | Reply

    I’m trying to imagine the dress with the thing in the middle and I can’t help but think of the awkward cleavage spillage in this dress.

  19. i love the green! at | | Reply

    i think the dress is kickass! i was there at the event and she looked gorgeous! the color looked fab on her and she carried it off superbly…props to kat for good taste!

  20. bev at | | Reply

    Carol – i agree

    she is so bland like a chicken sandwich..it tasted good but nothing special

  21. Lyzeh at | | Reply

    Not a sheep, i totally agree.

    Most importantly, she pulls it off well.

  22. Jay at | | Reply

    @ Carol – nothing wrong with the girls on the streets of US or UK!!

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