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  1. sheena at |

    Deepika looks the best hands down!!
    And thats because she’s the only one who looks natural in it. She’s the perfect age to wear this dress, the other three are just wanna bees! Plus, she looks very natural, like a college going girl, and the rest have lots of makeup on!
    i;m going for the all-natural look, and thats why Deepika!!!

  2. meria at |

    actualy i love all

  3. sri at |

    its called the Little White Dress(LWD). on today’s show, the fashion stylist called it just that. and she said yes the wardrobe staple the LBD(Little Black Dress) has now been converted to LWD!

    1. April at |

      I am sure P&P know that it’s famously called LWD,but just like anything else that you get here they always add a lil tadka to the posts :) Isn’t that why we love this site?

      Btw,like all versions,it’s hard to go wrong with this summery dress.Esp,loved Aish,she looks good(and relaxed) after a long time.

    2. ramizi at |

      exactly! Given how closely they follow the Fug girls and every Hollywood style blog, this effort to sound different falls completely flat. Especially when in India it’s almost summer-ish all year around. Tacky copy writing again.

  4. Kish at |

    I absolutely loathe Aishwarya’s dress. Looks like she forgot the salwar! But seriously, awkward length, horrendous shoes and earrings, and a nail colour that dates from the 1990s.
    Like the Katrina’s look the best- laidback with nice shoes :)

  5. thePURPLEspirit at |

    Hey P&P I’ve been trying to get my paws on a lil lace number like what SJP wore once (Stella McCartney) and later Sonam followed (Ayesha Dapala??) and now Barbara… any ID on Mori’s dress? Where oh where can i find a desi “easy on the wallet” one? Help!

  6. Nidhi at |

    aiyo! aishwarya looks like a wannabe television actor in her LWD – what with the cleavage, golden peep toes, danglers and blood red nails! Love Kats footwear..

  7. V at |

    Katrina’s and Barbara’s outfits look like camisoles / singlets you would wear under a LWD!

    Deepika wins this one by a mile!

  8. Rima at |

    Ash’s is the worst..

  9. oshoriri666 at |

    aishwarya’s dress looks like made of a table-cloth

  10. sonia mehta at |

    loving this trend…its young, trendy, chic n effortless!
    n ya deepika luks d best…i like the length of her dress too!
    katrina comes a close second…

  11. Jay at |

    Kat’s footwear is from Zara – just got a pair :-)

  12. hhc-addict at |

    Ash’s is the worst – does not look summery at all. All the rest look good.

  13. s.s. at |

    ya deepika wins this hands down. she looks so breezy and summery.

  14. ramizi at |

    really? and no words of advice for Aishwarya? She looks again like she’s trying too hard. So tired of her.

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