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  1. radhika at | | Reply

    i like it! i’d wear that.

  2. Suchi at | | Reply

    I like it. It is something different fromher usual stuff

  3. Kumar at | | Reply

    I like it, very casual flirty. i just hate when ppl try to match it way too much. like the little yellow flowers on the black sandals!?

  4. kanchanmasi at | | Reply

    Stark combo? Huh? She looks great and the combination is great too!

  5. apsara77 at | | Reply

    i like it..it’s fresh and summery!

  6. dn at | | Reply

    Nice! I like the colours too.

  7. kasthuri at | | Reply

    I like too on her. Casual done easy.

  8. FallenAngel at | | Reply

    I quite like her outfit.. u girls are being way 2 critical lately! I used to really like this site but not anymore, im finding it more n more biased day by day.. how i miss days when stars could dress without fear that they’ll be criticised abt everythg they wear.. they could just be themselves! just have a look at any stars’ old pictures n u’ll know what i mean.. there used to be so much sweetness n spontaneity..!
    hating what the industry is turning into.. n u guys are only adding to it in your own way!!

  9. nijoo dubey at | | Reply

    great way to kill lime green :(
    with such amazing color blocking happening all over the fashion world…y the black skirt!!!! why!!!

  10. shimsham at | | Reply

    i like it too, but a grey or chocolate skirt could take it up a few notches

  11. Zaza at | | Reply

    I love what she’s wearing, looks very cool and refreshing…and most importantly, comfortable! I love it – I wish she’d dress like this more often.

    And I htink the color and style of the top goes perfectly with the skirt!

  12. veenu at | | Reply

    nice !every girl could pick up something like that on a hot summery day…she is making a casual everyday wear work well!

  13. Shruti Kamboj at | | Reply

    She always looks nice and those slippers are a great choice to go with the dress.

  14. mj15 at | | Reply

    I love it!it’s sp easy breezysummery. I’d wear this in a heartbest, except for maybe the too matchy sandals- plain black w/o the yellow thingie swud’ve worked just fine.
    She looks soooooo goood in this look- young, fresh, flirty, cutely hot. This beats all her “shrouded in yards and yards of fabric” Indian looks any day

  15. seerat at | | Reply

    I like this combination..this is something i wd like to wear.She always prefer to wear sporty girly looks.

  16. deepi at | | Reply

    I like it. I feel yellow works great with grays and blacks.

  17. Deepa at | | Reply

    Katrina and Deepika are two actresses who keep it real most of the time and are comfortable in whatever they wear. It is amazing how they both draw more attention to their beautiful faces and figures instead of their clothes. But I know we are here to discuss their clothes ;-)

  18. Jaya at | | Reply

    The pairing was made to match those sandals… and I love it! Especially love the way the top falls on her torso- very slimming.

  19. meera at | | Reply

    i actually love this look. kat looks flawlessly beautiful and so cheerful. she looks so young! i know if i wore it , it would look dull but Katrina makes this work , i guess not everyone can be this stunning. i love how she kept it simple and i love her luscious hair.

  20. b at | | Reply

    love the silhouette, wish the skirt was taupe, also the outfit fits the theme of the movie..fun, breezy, young!!!

  21. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Umm, yellow and black reminds me of bumblebees…or taxi cabs….not a fan of the pairing of black with yellow. White and coral would have suited her more, I think!

  22. rina at | | Reply

    I actually love this look on her. Laid back but not too casual. Young, flirty fun… I would wear that! Maybe a bright colour skirt would have popped more and looked really funky but katrina is not a funky dresser and its better she sticks with something she is comfortable in

  23. jamtin at | | Reply

    looks lik sucha sweetie!

  24. jur802 at | | Reply

    White skirt wld look better.

  25. narmeena at | | Reply

    love it ! she looks like a cute doll ! great colors specially on her ! she looks like a 16 year old hottie ! love u kat!!!!

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