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    bad bad bad fit on both.

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    Katrina! even though Bipasha has the bod to fit any dress so well. I like the version of the dress that the model is wearing.

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    That gown is extremely ill fitting on Katrina. Look at the way it is pulling and wrinkling from below the bust to below the hips. It even makes her look paunchy and lop sided – not flattering at all.

  5. Orchee at | | Reply

    This is actually quite a change for Katrina, who seems to stick to bubblegum colors and short dresses.

  6. Aditi at | | Reply

    Deepika wore the exact same gown @ Deepika padukone at the zee cine awards red carpet 2008

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    niether…….the dresses are too tight on their torsoes….nopes not working…and their expression says they can’t breath in it.

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    yikessss,,kat looks horrible……n moreover d gown iz more horrible

  9. suzy q at | | Reply

    I don’t like being critical, but I just think that Bipasha can’t pull this look off. The dress is emphasizing her somewhat boyish structure, as opposed to Katrina, who has the the waist to really make this dress shine. Kat makes it look so elegant, rather than just another dress from a vast repertoire.

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      I actually think its exactly the opposite……. the dress makes Katrina look paunchy like someone above has pointed out and she really isnt so all in all its a terrible look for her. Bipasha on the hand carries off the look well.

      1. suzy q at | | Reply

        OMG first time someone replied to my comment!

        i generally don’t think Bipasha looks good in very many outfits, figure-wise et al. Katrina, when she’s wearing something out of character, wears clothes. Clothes envelop Bips and I get this feeling that she’s striving to wear the clothes’ attitude. There’s this air of fakeness around her for the most part, which turns me off. I almost never like her in any outfit. That, and Bips is trying way too hard to be sexy, and I don’t get that with Katrina.

        I think Kat’s “paunchiness” (I don’t see it, mind you) might be a result of the camera angle and lighting rather than the cheapness of the fabric/stitching.

        1. marky at | | Reply

          yes suzy ur so right i know wat u mean by ” air of fakeness” bips almost always gives the vibe of a wannabe. while kat luks natural n elegant that is wen she is tryin not 2 b sexy :P case in point her GQ cover posted on HHC.

    2. Antonia at | | Reply

      I agree this dress makes Katrina’s body look fab. Accentuates her small waist & shows of her hips. Whereas it just kind of sits on Bipasha.

  10. lurverlurver at | | Reply

    bipasha…she’s got the x factor…katrina just falls flat for some reason…

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    Both look good. The dress looks cheap though. Cheap as in … like gotten it made from the local darzi types.

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    I’ve been lusting over the pink for a while (it’s SATIN! VEGAN!) but I would have to go with Katrina. I like her retro look better.

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    Although bipasha fares better.. my eyes relieved to finally see katrina in a sane outfit.

  14. marky at | | Reply

    the gown is boring n i hate black …. neither … bips has muscular arms making her look like a wrestler n katrina just does not have the spunk to carry this gown which quite frankly is boring n bland

    1. Saya at | | Reply

      Agreed@wrestler looking bips. :D

  15. RM at | | Reply

    oh the gown is just so bad that I dont think either of the two can be blamed for their looks…

  16. SS at | | Reply

    Both are bad yaa!…I cant seem to warm upto those linings arnd the boobies….I mean really….its supposed to be a classy outfit..and then you want to go ahead and ‘outline’ your ‘assets’?? I dont like either…..

    1. Sparkle at | | Reply

      LOL! exactly what I was thinking…

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    Though katrina has the height and complexion to carry this one off, i feel like the top of that dress she’s wearing is too lingerie like. The cut and fit on the bipasha version is way better.
    And yeah, i agree, its a breath of fresh air to see katrina in non barbie like outfits.

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    bip has muscular arms and face her body looks boyish. katrina has a great body but the dress is a disaster it looks like lengerie

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    Both look fat and out of shape which they are so not. SS is right its so damn lingerie like that it has no aapeal at all.. very local bandra shop gown.

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    i meant appeal :)

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    This boring cheap looking gown is suitable for someone playing the role of Morticia in “Munsters.” Such cheap looking fabric :-(

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    I think kat looks really nice in it, and everyone who has worn this style of satin dress including deepika has had the creases at the hips etc. maybe its got something to do with this material and cut don’t work that well?? I’m no expert! lol

    Bips for some strange reason doesn’t suit it too well.
    And yes nice to see kat in something sane again.

  23. Saira at | | Reply

    Bipasha looks like she’s in a pageant.

  24. Kish at | | Reply

    the shorter version looks so much better. the ones on both the girls are so not flattering!

  25. Antonia at | | Reply

    I am excited to see that Bipasha has continued down the more classic road ^_^. Keep it up Bips!!
    The dresses make both women look slighty paunchy as it is the kind of fabric that clings. This could’ve been fixed with the correct innerwear (body shapers & slimmers).
    That said I really like the idea of these dresses on both women but Katrina wins for me beacause:
    a) it flatters her & makes her body look f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s despite the fact she isn’t wearing the correct innerwear
    b) it is a sophisticated, classic look that is right for her age. Much better than her too young, cutsey looks (ie whenever she is dressed in character offset!!) & her too serious, aging looks (ie at Triumph Lingerie Show)

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    just noticed the model in the pink version looks like mallika sherawat lol go figure !

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    The corset-y version just creeps me out a little.. so katrina doesn’t win this round and the dress itself doesn’t fit her too well while on bipasha it’s not too overtly snug.

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