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  1. SK at | | Reply

    why wouldd ANYONE wear this at any event is beyond me! An “event” obviously signifies a special occasion and these clothes are anything but! Any other woman would wear these clothes while out shopping, or coffee with friends, or movies, or picking kids up from school… certainly not to an “event” which involves Vogue or a School or any such institution…

    Having said that … Katrina rocks!

  2. monika at | | Reply

    Really despise Dipika’s denims.Just going by them, I would say Kat looks better despite her awful hair
    Nor are Katina’s denims any better. Kat is wearing denims or are they tights?

  3. Gossippie at | | Reply

    deepika by miles!! katrina should know that such clothes are really not for her body type- they look better on sporty bodies like deepika.

  4. zoya at | | Reply

    katrina is not smart now she was best body dipika

  5. Indigirl at | | Reply

    @Gossippie- my thoughts exactly. Katrina’s clothes are as good/bad as Deepika but they suit Deepika’s body type better.

  6. M at | | Reply

    LOL @ ‘Odd Jeans’ !!! Katrina is wearing Biker (motorcyle) Jeans (jeggings)

  7. Avantika at | | Reply

    its deepika all the way…….

  8. Roshini at | | Reply

    If I overlook Deepika’s denims then she looks much much better than Katrina. I despise severely distressed denims such as these with all my heart.

  9. SAH at | | Reply

    I agree with SK. Why would anyone where this to an “event”.

    I think both of them are wearing hideous jeans, Deepika more so than Kat. I really like Kats sandals though. Very simple. This will sound weird, but she has nice feet…lol.

    Kat also has freshness to her face (good make up??). Deepika b/c she’s lost some weight is looking very gaunt these days. She needs to gain some to bring that freshness back to her pretty face.

  10. Bhavana at | | Reply

    to an event..seriously…this is just plain casual, as in lets go shopping or grab a latte. Whatever happened to casual chic??? If I had to choose I would say Deepika

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