Two Much Of A Good Thing


Spotted on Ms. Kaif in the newly released promotional stills of ‘De Dana Dan’, the same Hervé Léger dress that we first saw on Tabu in Vogue India. While we are pretty sure Ms. Kaif will wear her Léger well, Tabu blew us away in hers.

Catch Ms. Kaif wear a fitted Alice+Olivia dress Here and another pic of the other Hervé Léger dress spotted on her in the movie inside..


Left: Tabu in Vogue India, Jan 2009
Right: Katrina Kaif in ‘De Dana Dan’


Left: Hervé Léger, Fall 2008
Center and Right: Katrina Kaif on the sets of ‘De Dhana Dhan’

Photo Credit: SantaBanta


  1. While Tabu’s my girl her hair just isn’t cutting it for me in this. The dress gets a green light but her hair looks bad. Kat from what I see pulls it off much better and looks fresh and lively.

    • It’s not photoshopped, I don’t think, it’s a really raw pic. I don’t know, I just find Katrina so mediocre…I can’t bring myself to like it on her. Maybe that’s my bias though.

  2. Tabu’s hair looks bad in this picture. As much as I like love Tabu’s acting, I can’t vote for her. Katrina wins this one for me.

  3. You don’t wear a Leger if you want to cover up with your hair! Katrina looks good, but she always wears stuff like this, so its a meh from me.


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