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  1. Sej at | | Reply

    While Tabu’s my girl her hair just isn’t cutting it for me in this. The dress gets a green light but her hair looks bad. Kat from what I see pulls it off much better and looks fresh and lively.

  2. Kiwi at | | Reply

    While I love tabu in the dress, its completely photoshopped-would be interesting to see how Katrina carreis this off in the movie.

    1. pdaervo at | | Reply

      It’s not photoshopped, I don’t think, it’s a really raw pic. I don’t know, I just find Katrina so mediocre…I can’t bring myself to like it on her. Maybe that’s my bias though.

  3. mp at | | Reply

    I think Tabu’s photo is definitely photoshopped. She never has been that thin.

  4. dinks at | | Reply

    is tabu really that slim? the dress is tdf ..

  5. annie at | | Reply

    Tabu’s hair looks bad in this picture. As much as I like love Tabu’s acting, I can’t vote for her. Katrina wins this one for me.

  6. Maze at | | Reply

    You don’t wear a Leger if you want to cover up with your hair! Katrina looks good, but she always wears stuff like this, so its a meh from me.

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