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    Just love this whole look, head to toe. That vest is fabulous. Karishma has a really great sense of style. I can just imagine Aishwarya Rai in this outfit, she would have rocked this look.

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      Ash should take a lesson or two here

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      Like for real. She is always dressed so damn classy.

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    The uneven hemline and the sloppy churidar is a major downer.
    I disagree about the earrings, they consummately are appropriate with the dress.
    How lovely is the waistcoat!
    Overall, pretty.

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    I love how Karishma always dresses up age appropriate and looks so elegant with ease. She never looked as elegant when whe was active in movies. I also like the dress.

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    Love!!! Can she ever go wrong?! Nahh….
    The earings perfectly match the look!
    Have been eagerly waiting for a karishma kapoor sighting….

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    I really like this woman’s style…as usual she looks great here. Nice to see a suit which is not an anarkali.

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    She looks adorable. She is a very graceful lady

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