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  1. Nancy at | | Reply

    She looks lovely.
    One pose-related gripe; why does she always have to hold onto Saif; she can sure stand on her own.

    1. Meg at | | Reply

      Hmm I don’t think I’ve even seen other pictures of her and saif together…
      It just looks like they’re casually posing together and it’s rather sweet. They are family after all

      1. Nancy at | | Reply

        Check out some of her recent pics. Yes they are family and it was cute to start with but the repetition in pose is boring. Just like Kareena constantly pouting…

  2. Shilpi at | | Reply

    This is how you do festive without looking bridal

  3. Ayesha at | | Reply

    She is so lovely, reminds me of a young liz taylor, and she has such good taste too, always dressed perfectly. Nice to see her in bright colours lately, the constant white can be too draining. Who is this suit by?

  4. charan at | | Reply

    She looks good. Not over done. That said, this reminds of the something Twinkle wore with white palazzo. Is this AJSK?

    1. Lovemachines at | | Reply

      Hi Charan,

      this is an ensemble from AVINASH TOMAR

  5. D at | | Reply

    I love her entire look, it’s event appropriate, stylish and comfortable! She’s always so well put together down to her makeup and nails and shoes and bag and the right amount of jewellery. She looks lovely.

  6. priya at | | Reply

    She looks lovely simple and so pretty ! While everyone was so over dressed during diwali this look is so indian simple and genuine. Highheel I’ve noticed you guys comment ‘looking lovely or nice or good’ to some very ordinary looks and when certain actresses are actually looking bad and you haven’t mentioned to this one. Why so biased ?

  7. Avani at | | Reply

    And this is how you do Desi for festivity instead of looking bridal. She is the epitome of elegance (of course Dia is right there with her). LOVE. Most of the celebs should definitely sit for a session with her on how to do bling right & classy.

  8. Pinku20 at | | Reply

    She looks so comfortable in that. Karishma mixes style comfortable and event appropriateness like no one in her generation and noone in the current lots of actresses.

  9. Sapphire at | | Reply

    Laa Jawab! Karishma looks so stylish, beautiful, young and fresh. I like her hair, makeup, bindi, jewelry, outfit, nail polish, potli and those pink jootis. She coordinated everything so well. She always gets it right and always dressed classy.

  10. PrincessRuchi at | | Reply

    These Kapoor sisters my god! They are blessed. Their inner radiance just enhances whatever they wear. Love the comfy yet festive look!

  11. Ranij at | | Reply

    Love this

  12. Miss Stovetop at | | Reply

    Love the pink and the lip color! Any idea what it might be?

  13. Melange at | | Reply

    I guess I’m the only killjoy on this post as I disagree completely. She looks like the Karishma of the “mono-brow and bad clothes” times in the 80s and 90s before Manish Malhotra intervened in Bollywood. This is a bad suit worn with bad makeup.

  14. SS at | | Reply

    Simply stunning. Love how well put and classy she looks. i am definitely going to imitate this look.

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