Not Quite


The shoes, I like. The dress, not so much.

It’s so unflattering… Whatever made Ms. Kapoor wear that? And the cover says, ‘India’s Most Stylish‘. Irony; this wasn’t one of Kareena’s most “stylish” moments.

Kareena Kapoor At Starweek Magazine’s Anniversary Issue Unveiling

Valentino Couture Bow d’Orsay Pumps

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Love the dress. The dress looks casual and ends up looking no fuss and effortless. Don’t really like the shoes but I guess.. a bow in red is kinda cute.

    • Dont mind the dress. I agree.. its casual and effortless..But sky high nude pumps would have looked hotter than these shoes. Not feeling them at all.

  2. Love the dress, I think the drape on the jersey is pretty stylized! And looks soo comfortable! What do u not like about the dress Priyanka?

  3. The shoes are cute. Very Valentino. But why does her face look so different. She doesnt seem to be aging good. Or maybe it’s the eyebrows?

  4. Guys idk if I can post another site here but omg she was sitting improperly at this function and you could see what all you don’t want to see, it was a wardrobe malfunction:( The pics are gross too.

  5. very cute dress… The shoes are nice but aren’t going so well wid dis dress…I feel. She has started putting on weight again… I am happie :P

    • I was hoping no one would mention that in case she reads it and reverts to her crazy size zero obsession :) But yes she looks great. My only gripe would be the limp hair that is majorly undermining the whole look IMO.

  6. Kareena looks young and her best when she is wearing minimal make-up (lucky girl). Her make-up is a little over done here – it makes her looks older than she is. The dress is cute..

  7. She looks good to me. I think the dress is ok. I like that she paired it with red shoes (wld have preferred it without the bow though).

    • oxy moron . . . i like that pal . . .
      but kareena iz lookin relaxed n happy . . .
      aint fashion mainly being comfortable in onez own . . . ?
      and we do have seen her experimentin with dressez alot . . .
      so no complainz i guess . . .

  8. i love the dress.. the shoes r nice too.. but the combination is not something id applaud.. maybe its the pairing with the bright blue dress… had it been a nude / black dress my opinion wud hv been different!

  9. Wowww…such CUTE shoes!! I want!
    I feel she looks pretty damn good here…I don’t mind the dress.
    I don’t like the make-up much though :|


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