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  1. Ella at | | Reply

    She’s looking fab as usual

  2. Tata at | | Reply

    She looks comfortable and cute …….. she is glowing

  3. Saira at | | Reply

    No mention of How Awesome Kareena is for stepping out so fast after delivery? No Worshipping of her Awesomeness this time?

  4. SP at | | Reply

    Absolutely gorgeous dress!!! I want it stat!

  5. Jo at | | Reply

    Less than a week after giving birth !! Man she makes it look easy – i was a wreck till about day 100 with mine :)

  6. Apeksha at | | Reply

    She looks good .. on a side note I could not be out of the house for over a month after my delivery and here Kareena manages to throw a Christmas bash and go out for a dinner !!! Vade log vadi baatein

  7. Zenia Irani at | | Reply

    It’s hard to believe she gave birth a week ago.

  8. Sneha at | | Reply

    ten days after a C section and out already! cool!

  9. Moni Pal at | | Reply

    Just wondering how quickly she got out of the bed! Scratching my head!!!

  10. Haute curry at | | Reply

    The heels look out of place here.

  11. Div at | | Reply

    A week into C sec and this? I really think she is trying too hard to prove a point and thats pretty annoying now.

  12. Chutney Chameli at | | Reply

    I think her choice to step out any time of her life is her business, and comments about that are inappropriate especially on a fashion website.
    The dress itself is tasteful, and something wearable by a normal human. Love it.

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