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  1. Colormenot at | | Reply

    The overcoat looks like a trench coat but still works on her. The color is nice.

  2. slc at | | Reply

    She would have looked just as fab without the coat.

  3. Gigi at | | Reply

    Not sure why I get the sense, based on her outfits, that Ms. Kapoor is reluctant to flaunt her bump.

    1. Harry at | | Reply

      Huh? I think she is the first Bollywood actress to come out in public and flaunt her baby bump! Most of the actresses shy away! I admire her for that!

      1. Saphire at | | Reply

        Exactly, in India she is most lovely looking pregnant celeb. I liked her pregnancy style among Indian celebs except that I am not sure about the heels. Heels are not a comfortable pregnant style for me.

        1. Miss Big Dreams at | | Reply

          I agree on the heels part..

  4. fromchi-town at | | Reply

    Gorgeous! She looks great.

  5. sarah at | | Reply

    why the coat in summer ?I mean baby bump is nothing to hide !

  6. Sapna Aggarwal at | | Reply

    I worry about women wearing sky high heels when they are full term pregnant. During pregnancy the alignment of the spine significantly changes and these heels are a disaster waiting to happen. What’s wrong with flats (or wedges if you can’t live without a few inches) anyway?

    1. NB at | | Reply

      Exactly my thoughts!

    2. Kartik at | | Reply

      yes i know.. i feel sacred for her. and what is the need.

    3. Moni Pal at | | Reply

      I have the same concern. Those heels are not even block or chunky ones but pencil! All I can say is everybody knows what is best for them and for their welbeing! Wishing Kareena all the goodluck.

    4. Andy at | | Reply

      I think It is simply a matter of what one is used to. Women who have been working out for years have no problems working out when pregnant, women who may be laborers are also able to continue their work in pregnancy. Similarly actors or models who have worn sky high heels day in and day out for half their lives, danced in them, probably done stunts in them, have no problem continuing to do the same. Each woman is different and has a different comfort zone.

      1. Tanvi at | | Reply

        Well said.

      2. zoyi at | | Reply

        physical activity is actually good , for most women, during pregnancy. So those who’ve been working out and laborers can continue to do so comfortably and it’s beneficial too. Walking in pencil heels, while it may be something she’s used to, is actually quite dangerous. She’s not used to wearing heels while being pregnant. A small trip can be costly at this stage. What clothes one wears, what one wants to eat etc may all fall under the category of ‘ what one’s comfortable with’. Not this. Wish her a safe pregnancy and child birth!

        1. Sup at | | Reply

          It’s only dangerous if you’re not feeling comfortable/capable of walking in them.
          Heels by themselves don’t become dangerous, and honestly you could trip or fall either way.
          It’s perfectly fine for someone pregnant to wear them – as long as they are comfy.

          That said, like I mentioned below- most often celebs would wear heels just for the occasion and switch over to something else after – whether they are pregnant or otherwise.

  7. Anupriya at | | Reply

    She is totally rocking the pregnancy style. It takes a while to get used to changes in your body and then look this good. Trench coat or not, flaunting the bump or not, she is looking fab.
    PS: Inspiration for me given I am few days ahead of Kareena :D

    1. AA at | | Reply

      Congratulations Anupriya! I wish you well with your pregnancy.

      1. Tanvi at | | Reply


    2. Sup at | | Reply

      Congrats! I’m sure you’re glowing as well! :)

    3. Anupriya at | | Reply

      Thank you :)

    4. jadine at | | Reply

      Congratulations Anupriya! The fun is just beginning. :)

  8. Apeksha at | | Reply

    How is she walking in those ?? I could barely walk in my flip flops during my pregnancy

    Could have borrowed some pregnancy style inspiration from the blogger Mimi ikon

  9. Sup at | | Reply

    She looks great.. love the color of the coat, though it’s sort of lost in all that black.
    Those shoes are delish, me wants right now!!

    I don’t see the big deal about the heels, especially when the person wearing them is obviously comfortable. And I’m guessing – pregnant or not – most often they switch the shoes for the main events. Everyone seems to notice just this one thing on every one of her posts..

  10. Peachblossom at | | Reply

    She looks good. Regarding the heels, they are a definite no no during pregnancy, but then it’s not like she’s walking for miles. It’s pretty much in/out of the car and on/off stage.

  11. GaramKaur at | | Reply

    Best I’ve seen her do…pregnancy suits her A LOT!!!

  12. Sara at | | Reply

    When ur pregnant every parts of ur body bloats
    Especially the bump
    With the black fitted dress I think it was a very good choice she wore a coat ontop.. It gives a more finishing touch and she looked great.
    I hope we women support rather than criticize her !!
    I’m sure she looks better than many of us even during her pregnancy

  13. jadine at | | Reply

    I think the heels are a personal decision, and she probably keeps them just for these appearances. Kareena looks so happy and confident.

    What you eat during pregnancy is also important though..some herbs/ metal contaminants can cause trouble.

  14. kamar jahan at | | Reply

    still in heels
    but she is glowing and how

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