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  1. VirgoVixen at | | Reply

    I love the dress, her style’s been growing on me lately:P

  2. K at | | Reply

    I like the dress but she does not look that good overall. I always feel like that the dresses and accessories carry Kareena, rather than the other way around! She’s all “brand” but there’s very little fashionable streak to her. To me she looks best in simple salwar kameez and no make up.

  3. fopa at | | Reply

    emmm VirgoVixen its really improving!
    i like it!

  4. Anu at | | Reply

    very pretty dress…but for some reason BCBG never fits me this well…anyways, its nice to see her in a non-slutty outfit…somehow I don’t think Cavalli really suited her…her dvF and BCBG stuff is much better

  5. kaya at | | Reply

    When she gets it right, which is reasonably often, she really get it right! :)
    Which is great to see because she’s a very pretty looking girl and she looks great here .

  6. kaya at | | Reply


  7. asli koel at | | Reply

    Lovely !

    I want one
    I want one ….

  8. Pri at | | Reply

    I like the dress it looks great on her! And it’s nice to see her smiling like that and not with a strange pout on her face..Just wish I could see her shoes because that’s where she usually goes very wrong!

  9. PavithraVijaygopal at | | Reply

    i have the same dress !! sorry bebo but it looks better on me loll

  10. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    i do like her in these recent photos. good to see her finally maturing, and that too with grace.

  11. Niki at | | Reply

    I love the fact that even she thinks that you don’t always have to spend thousands to look great. Go Kareena. She’s definitely a style icon.

  12. justcasually at | | Reply

    Aaaah! That is a nice maxi. Love the way it flows on her and the fact that she is wearing minimal accessories. But what is it with the stand out blush in all her recent pics?

  13. Lalitha at | | Reply

    She looks good in the dress. I prefer it to the flowery one she wore for another press meet, also covered on HHC. Her face looks a bit rounder in this picture–I think she looks better when she has more flesh on her frame!

  14. monika at | | Reply

    She’s looking lovely. That’s a lovely outfit.Love the pearl drops with that dress. :)

  15. Megha at | | Reply

    i love this dress
    she looks so fresh!!

  16. pdaervo at | | Reply

    she looks fresh and beautiful

  17. Swishy Set at | | Reply

    She looks cool, I like!

  18. debs at | | Reply

    Nice dress. Would totally wear it.
    I feel Kareena is one of those women who look stunning with bare face and a messy bun. With strong makeup she looks pageant-ish and filmy.

  19. chic chick at | | Reply

    @ virgovixen: totally agree, Kareena’s style is def improving. Perhaps her stylist for Kabhakkht ishq has been styling her for the promos/ press meets as well? nice dress and for once, no tacky bollywood hair or too much make-up. Bebo looks super adorable!

  20. fopa at | | Reply

    saw the movie its full on entertainment!!!
    loved it!!!!!!!!

  21. AnotherKiranInNYC at | | Reply

    She looks good! As long as she is not plastering herself with those horrible sequins … in anything manish malhotra… the girl is doing good.

  22. _*Dia*_ at | | Reply

    i love this on her! im a sucker for these necklines with geometric patterns on it. cant believe the price too…..its a great snatch for around $100!

  23. chic chick at | | Reply

    uggghh….just saw KI totally take that comment back…bebo is ANYTHING BUT adorable

  24. pan at | | Reply

    loved the maxi!!! need to shop bye bye :) Kareena looks super

  25. Antonia at | | Reply

    It’s a very nice dress. I like that it’s halter & yet manages to still look classy.

  26. farhan at | | Reply

    Very nice maxi style….

  27. stylenfashion at | | Reply

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