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    lol I don’t think she would be “inspired” my sonam’s shades, even if they were ray ban, they looked like childrens shades, my niece has some just like sonam’s we got for £1! lol

    Kareena’s look more stylish. Not a fan of the bag.

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    kareena looks amazing without any makeup. her glasses suit her waaay more than sonam.

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    I like the bag actually, it has a vintage-carpet bag feel :)
    And I prefer Kareena’s wayfarers to Sonam’s even though Sonam’ overall look was better
    I want wayfarers AHH!!!

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    I saw these Wayfarer type shades in different colors at Nordstrom. Ten bucks only! Now we can all follow the trend.

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    I don’t know why we never look at our own home turf for inspiration as such.Why is it that we always look to the west when looking for something superior or fashion-forward as is said?

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    I wouldnt call it an inspiration but rather a trend that all the B-town celebs have been catching on…. coz I just recently saw a pic of priyanka chopra wearing coloured shades and a couple of other celebs too..

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    As per me, there is too much going on here…
    A confusing bag, with a confusing kurti… the red, blue and brown!
    Each of the things is good on its own, but all of it together doesnt work.

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    that is one fugly bag…i think it greatly resembles my kitchen rag

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    I am never a big fan of kareena. But have to agree she looks flawless here. (Except for the bag that is!)

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    The whole luk is juss too BUSY and uninspired ! Ugly bag, Unimpressive kurti and sunglasses no adult shud ever step out in !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Is she trying to pass as some 16 yr old ? lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I love the bag and I love how kareena looks. The glasses look great with her outfit.
    And it really looks effortless…!

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    She looks awesome ! Hate the bag but weirdly it goes with her outfit and casual look…
    And C’mon P & P the whole world is rocking the wayfarers and has been for a few months now. Its a trend that started way way before we saw Sonam in them. I’m sure you saw girls in Delhi rocking them before Sonam did :)

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    Kareena looks very fresh and rocks without makeup on! And I do like the bag- at least the picture on the right. Perhaps a monotone bag (deep blue/white) would have gone better with the printed kurti?

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    Gotcha !

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    is it ? I like the bag… i guess it will go well with indian fabric and feel

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    Meh, the bag could’ve been done right I feel like it was the pattern of the kurti that killed it?

    Yeah, I don’t think her’s are Wayfarers either because I have a pair and the sides of hers seem too skinny and the ‘horn rimmed’ness of it looks diff, but it could just be the angle of the picturee

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    Oh I catually Love the bag… and her look is OKish for me.. sonam is way better than this one…

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    The kurti is cute on its own, and so is the bag. A mix of the two, waste!

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    Ugly bag..looks like the ones we can find @ art and craft mela’s in India for Rs. 50

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    I like the bag. Maybe not with this particular outfit, but on its own, its cute. It may be available at the mela’s for a lot less than what Gucci is charging, but that does not take away the cuteness :)

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    She looks very nice.
    But the bag does not really go with the rest of the ensemble

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    With that torturous heat out there in India, she has appropriately dressed up for the season minus the bag.She looks effortless.

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    I like the bag(i am the only one I see).
    And I like Kareena’s face here, has she finally decided to gain some weight?

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    I really like the tote..but probably would pick something else if I had to spend that much money on a bag. She looks good here

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    hahaha. I don’t understand how these Btown women can think of wearing wayfarers with a kurti. Wayfarers started as an alternative grungy style of eyewear and they definitely do not go with these kind of clothes. On the whole, she looks like a gk aunty out to buy gold. The breezy kurti being ruined by the OTT bag, and then the shades that just don’t go.

    And even sonam is hardly the person to start the trend, did she have to go ahead and buy the exact same shade? No one can be blamed for copying sonam in that case..

    Also, it’s true that wayfarers were made popular with by the Olsen twins, Gwen stefani et all and not any iNdian celeb. In fact, the only celeb with half decent taste in sunglasses is Preity Zinta. The first sighting of these shades in Bollywood was in the last scene of Dev D where that Kalki female zips on the bike wearing them. As far as I know, wayfarers have had a revival after that movie.

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    Kareena has great skin though. I guess that makes her get away with murder most of the time.

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    Indian girl, u said ‘I’m sure you saw girls in Delhi rocking them before Sonam did :)’ does this mean P&P r based in delhi? i’ve tried to ask them, but they never divulge this info

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    sachita, you’re not the only one! i like the bag too…if it is done properly. here there is too much going on….way too much

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    Kareena looks really good!!! I think the bag is pretty but it’s clashing with the top that she’s wearing. I think the bag would’ve looked way better with a plain top.

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    she looks great. no denying that. i would have liked the bag if she was wearing a plain white kurta. i think this blue kurta is the fugly piece here not the bag.

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    she is one actress who looks better without make up. this is a good travel bag, but it would look better with a solid beige or white top.

  34. Megha at | | Reply

    i like the bag too
    and even though the prints are a mismatch i like that it looks like she picked up a bag, wore a kurti, put on some shades and got on her way without thinking too much about it…
    and her face is so fresh and lovely

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    @ sachita… i like the bag too! i think its really unique :)

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    I like everything and she looks good.

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    Hate the Gucci hysteria range

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    kareena looks so pretty.. and i actually quite like the bag and if i had that kind of money to spend, i wud have bought one for myself.. how much does the bag cost? any idea?

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    the bag looks the one you can buy at the local indian crafts fairs- my mom has one and she uses when she goes to buy vegetales!

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    I think she looks pretty but the bag not so much……….

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    Great simple look :) Her skin is flawless !
    Bag would look bttr with some solid colors.. the busy kurti is not much appropriate perhaps.

  42. maya at | | Reply

    she looks lovely. would love to peek inside the bag.

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    she looks cute here, very casual…and I like those sunglasses on her…I am SOOO getting sick of those big huge sunglasses that cover your whole face

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    I agree…they may be wayfarers, but I’m pretty sure they are not Ray Ban’s

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    sunglasses like Kareena and Sonam are listed at $6 at Garage clothing, here in Canada ;)

  46. Neha Kapoor at | | Reply

    its so refreshing to see the celebs in chilled-out outfits rather than glitzy stuff all the time.

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    funny… I just saw red wayfarers (same type as sonam and kareena) on 2 girls walkin around.. And then i saw a ton of them on sale at nordstorms in the mens section…

    Some secret style movement i suppose

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    dude! i have wayfarers! d ones kareena’s wearing are original.
    And as far as the bag is concerned, it is an amazing piece of art.

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    woudl you guys know if the stars typically rent their dresses or actually own them. Stars like kareena preity or ash can afford to buy as many dresses and accessories as they want but what happens to upcoming stars?

    i am told hollywood stars rent quite a bit for their award shows. just curioous

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    Aww, she looks so cute! She’s growing on me, I like her now. She always wear something interesting, she’s never boring with her clothing, love that about her. I actually like the bag, and even tho her look is mismatched, there’s something about it that is making me like it. Also, she looks awesome w/o make up:)

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