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  1. monika at | | Reply

    Priyanka looks hilarious!

    1. Padma at | | Reply

      I was trying to think of a word that best describes PC here, but hilarious is how she looks! :D

  2. priya at | | Reply

    One is classy other is beyond trashy ..it shd be in wthhey!

  3. Nisha B at | | Reply

    not fond of the dupatta but i love the work on the sleeve of kareena’s suit..someone please bring PC for a long vaccy, this such a tacky look!!

  4. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Kareena looks amazing. No comparison here. But is Kareena going to make a appearance on a serial ? I hate it when serials allow that because it just goes to the show how loose their script and story line is.

    1. the judge at | | Reply

      I agree, the Raaz 3 tie in with CID was howlarious!!!!!

    2. arpitha d at | | Reply

      i too completely agree with u.
      i hate when movie/product advertisements are done in serails.

  5. Phoenix at | | Reply

    Don’t get me wrong I def drink my share of haterade with Priyanka’s name on the bottle because she’s just all kinds of irritating to me sometimes but I do think that you girls should broaden your horizons. Maybe it’s because you’re older, maybe it’s because you personally prefer 50’s housewives but I think Priyanka is dressed nicely here. (I would swap the skin colored pants but other than that it’s a hot outfit and I like the shoes with these pants).

    I find it interesting that anytime a woman isn’t dressed like your idea of a “lady” – (ex. sheath dress, classic silk sari) or “kitschy” (think Kiran Rao) it’s hate hate hate. If Priyanka had worn that sheer maxi dress Shwetambari wore there is no way you would have written “it’s nice to see her try something new and wear it well” it’s like the level of critique intensifies so greatly the higher the star power and that’s not how fashion should be.

    A woman doesn’t ALWAYS have to dress “classy”… Priyanka is a singer, she’s young and she’s got a great body.. I don’t think this is an “attempt” at rocker chic I’d say she nailed rocker chic. I can see Rihanna wearing this, I can see Giselle B, Hayden P, Vanessa Tisdale, Miley Cyrus all wearing an outfit like this. Personally I’m not a fan of belly rings anymore either just because that was kind of 1990’s but that doesn’t mean I’d be a snob and call her TACKY.

    Being females that have a lot of influence in fashion in India I would hope that you are able to credit an outfit based on their aesthetic sense and not your personal opinion on what a woman should wear in order for her to be “classy” and not “tacky”. Aside: I do appreciate the fact that you did open a lot of Indian women into appreciating understated glamour vs bling.

    Last but not least – I am like a weekly subscriber of Star, In Touch – all those magz you love to hate and am constantly perusing Hollywood sites and seeing LA celebs walkin about town in their outfits and I always think “what if X bollywood actress wore this” and inevitably I think: highheel would rip her apart because they and so many people who comment are always so judgmental. So BEFORE ppl comment next time can they ask themselves “if Rihanna/Giselle/Katy Perry” were wearing this would I post this comment?. .n then post.

    1. Aaroohii at | | Reply

      What Rihanna/katy Perry etc wear is also tacky.. why do singers have to dress like that?
      Again this is a personal opinion, that tying two knots to show belly ring is tacky, you can’t change anyone’s opinion can you?

      1. Jessica at | | Reply

        You would not see Taylor Swift wear such tacky outfits, yet she is a singer. Why the dress code for singers?

        1. Phoenix at | | Reply

          @Jessica Taylor with her cerulean blue eyes and princessy blonde hair does not have the cojones or chutzpah to pull this look off. She dresses well according to her look.. I never said it was a dress code for singers was merely stating that Priyanka is one. PC is one of few who can pull this look off in B Town.

          1. Jessica at |

            You think Taylor doesn’t dress tacky because of her blue eyes and blonde hair? Hello Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Britney, Gwen Stefani!
            Taylor could’ve easily dress up and act like one of those crazy singers, but she wishes not to.
            Again everyone can have their own opinion on what they consider tacky.

      2. Phoenix at | | Reply

        I didn’t say she is justified in wearing this because she’s a singer or that all singers dress like this but most younger people do dress like this and the fact does remain that she is a singer appealing to a younger audience and dressing in VB sheath dresses doesn’t usually strike a chord with 17 year old girls. I’m just saying that it’s not necessary to be dressed “ladylike” to be fashionable and this is a cool outfit. I feel that P&P only give someone fashion cred when they are dressed a certain way and this is a perfectly acceptable “look.”

        1. LG at | | Reply

          Phoenix, I completely agree with you! For example I am not the one who can handle belly piercing myself but I totally agree with your comment here!

        2. SS at | | Reply

          ‘Most’ younger people dress like this? Are you serious? In the trashy parts of the country, yes, but not someone normal. She is not exactly young (meaning teeny bopper), she’s 30, and at best, she is trying hard to imitate Rihana and whoever other singers out there who dress ridiculous like this.
          And just because someone belongs to Hollywood doesn’t mean we should start singing praises for how they look. All those people you mentioned above have hideous dress sense.

          1. Phoenix at |

            I guess I speak coming from North America/how I see girls dress here. I feel that most girls dress this way. I think that sometimes we are a little harsh on our own celebrities and say they’re imitating/trying too hard and give a little leeway to Hollywood celebs which I don’t think is fair. I think that to some it’s hideous but I like individual style – Rihanna has her own style and Taylor Swift hers but I wouldn’t generally call Rihanna’s dress sense tacky (other than when she wears see through bandeau tops). I would hate to see everyone dress the same that would be boring! Fashion designers in LA/NY are so crazy and individual on an everyday basis that to me is fashion but I guarantee you on here it would be considered “tacky”

        3. SS at | | Reply

          And while I may disagree when P&P favor the Kapoors, etc, I disagree more with you when you say they ONLY write good things about people who dress a certain way. Look up Anushka on this website – she has done ‘rocker chic’ looks many times and they have praised her. She is just one of many more they have covered on here.

        4. SS at | | Reply

          @ Phoenix: Its good to see a logical argument going on here but I do feel that there are certain outfits that come across a being tacky and this is one of them. Some might say that its cool/ edgy but that line of distinction is very very thin.
          At the same time, I feel that your comment about ” anytime a woman isn’t dressed like your idea of a “lady” – (ex. sheath dress, classic silk sari) or “kitschy” (think Kiran Rao) it’s hate hate hate” is also not fair to the bloggers and readers here in general. To quote an example, Falguni and Shane peacock dresses are almost always applauded here for their quirkiness as are the Manish Aroras for their kitschy appeal. However, I do agree with your observation that had PC worn the sheer maxi dress Shwetambari wore, it would have been Scathvilla for the poor thing.
          Your point about PC being a singer and hence wishing to “appeal to a younger audience” is also a little flawed in that all these are Barfi promotion appearances and she is not exactly promoting her music here.
          When you say that “you are able to credit an outfit based on their aesthetic sense and not your personal opinion”, you do realize that this blog voices the personal opinions of its readers, don’t you? Hence, by its very nature, all the comments here will be based on what the readers think about a particular appearance based on their OWN opinions, and not the aesthetic sensibilities of the person in question.
          Lastly, I don’t think being a “Rihanna/Giselle/Katy Perry” would exclude them form all the bashing here as far as a “tacky” outfit goes. Tacky is tacky. Period. But then again, like they say one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.

          1. Phoenix at |

            On an aside: I’m super curious/scared to see what Priyanka is going to wear to promote her music! Should be an interesting ride…

        5. Leanne at | | Reply

          Are you serious Phoenix, even I come from US. Here Priyanka is so tacky and wannabe, should I say wasted?

          1. SomeGirl at |

            @Phoenix: I’m from North America as well, and nobody dresses like that here! She’s just trying too hard, she needs to be herself. And stop comparing her to singers, we don’t even know if she’s any good. She could even turn out to be the Indian Heidi Montag lol.

    2. Adara at | | Reply

      *Clap,Clap* Personally, i am not feeling the belly ring nor the two strange tied up knots on the shirt. But i am with you on what you wrote about P&P’s idea of lady-like. If this is tacky then most of Hollywood will be on that list. I am not too sure on the fact that they are much older and they favor certain dresses/styles. As seen on HHC, they hate ripped denims and bare mid riffs but on some celebrities, they seem to give a free pass.

      1. Phoenix at | | Reply

        @Adara Thank you

    3. angl at | | Reply

      Every time I see Rihanna’s photos showcasing her personal style, I think her dress sense is extremely tacky.

    4. Ash at | | Reply

      Its tacky no matter who would wear it. Nobobdy thinks Miley or Rihanna are epitome of fashion

      1. POP at | | Reply

        Phoenix, girl I love you from some place else, but I can’t agree with you. Yes, there’s ways to push boundaries of what’s feminine, classy and acceptable but Priyanka fails to do that because she never comes across as genuine and always very wannabe-ish.
        Compare her to Anushka Manchanda, for instance. Anushka owns what she wears regardless of how unpretty and un ladylike it may seem, Priyanka still wants to be the pretty girl. You can’t have both, I’m sorry! And if you try, you’ll be called out for either being or completely trashy.

        1. POP at | | Reply

          either being fake* or completely trashy!

      2. SS at | | Reply


        1. Phoenix at | | Reply

          Aw thanks for the love! It’s ok to disagree I don’t think anyone is silly for having an opposing view from mine and I didn’t mean to hijack this post lol :$

          Maybe I kind of relate in the sense that sometimes I’m very girly girly in pleated skirts and cashmere sometimes I rock studded leather vests. That being said I know what you mean by Priyanka coming across as insincere/not genuine/fake.

    5. scsi at | | Reply

      dude it just plain tacky.

      and who said all of hollywood is NOT tacky?

    6. kasthuri at | | Reply

      I dont agree with your comment Phoenix but i do appreciate you expressing your opinion politely. I do think no matter who wore it PC’s look would tacky.

      1. Phoenix at | | Reply

        thanks kasthuri! Well this page has certainly helped my work day go by quicker haha it’s been nice debating with all of you! Have a good one!

        1. rhutz at | | Reply

          u guys r just pickin on poor pc…shes comfortable and has no issues wearing this, you guys dont like it… dont wear… n yes… if its as tacky as u feel… i sthink pc can carry such garments too… whatever it is.. you guys have ur favs. n ya the one you hate is pc. so always pick on her

          1. apple at |

            I’m all for rocker chic, but wearing your shirt in TWO knots to desperately show off your belly ring is all kinds of tacky and just plain hilarious. People like Rihanna have a style of their own, bad as it may be, but at least they’re consistent. This chick is just trying too hard. Like someone above pointed out, she wants to be the pretty indian lady too…hence the reluctance to go all out. If you want to do grunge, own the look – go all out with the hair, makeup, everything, and be true to your style. This lady still wants to keep the long silky blowdry and soft makeup, and thats what’s getting to me. Such a gorgeous woman and such pathetic dressing choices, thats what gets to me. Oh, and i cannot get past the two knots.

  6. Paroma at | | Reply

    PC looks beyond tacky!!

  7. Slc at | | Reply

    Kareena definitely looks better. And PC tacky……she does “trashy” rather well.

  8. Food poisoned attorney at | | Reply

    If she gets the hair right, she gets something else disastrously worng…if only she had tucked that shirt in, this look would have been spot on cause the belt and shoes all look good!!! What a small diff to turn something from working to WTHeyyyyy!!!

  9. Sunanda at | | Reply

    Kareena looks beautiful…. Priyanka looks tackyyyyyyy!

  10. mmhater at | | Reply

    i am speechless!! tackiness overload on priyanka..

  11. Orchee at | | Reply

    Honestly, Ami Patel should be embarrassed.
    How can a self respecting fashion director or fashion stylist stand by that double knot and belly button ring on a 30 year old woman?

    1. Orchee at | | Reply

      Or indeed, any aged woman.

    2. Z at | | Reply

      Ami Patel has such tacky tastes! Priyanka wouldn’t dress all that bad before Ami came to the scene, if you think about it.

  12. neha at | | Reply

    ewwww priyanka …..i am speechless

  13. Aura at | | Reply

    if you ask me, i would say Kareena looks a little vampish:) its a different thing that PC did not leave any room for any kinda competition… she looks downright tacky…

  14. shiro_rawat at | | Reply

    kareena fares btr here,no doubt! in PC’s case,i dnt thnk knotting n dat ring is bad,i like her waist up here!the look wud hav been nice if she wud have chosen some biker boots instead of dos choos..cos that luks totally tacky!

    1. Ahot at | | Reply

      Agree that the biker boots would have worked better. But i guess she was going for sexy AND rocky. Stiil daring tho

  15. shyla at | | Reply

    kareena looks gorgeous and her suit is lovely. i think priyanka is trying to be rock chick in preparation for her cd’s release.

  16. gagagirl at | | Reply

    Fantastic Kareena-Tacktastic Priyanka

  17. ss at | | Reply

    pc is incorrigible.

  18. PrincessRuchi at | | Reply

    Holy Mother of God! I just visualised her walking down the bronx like that.

    FAIL! She needs to stop hurling these atrocities at us.

    1. Ahot at | | Reply

      Umm, she is not hurling anything @ anyone, she just doesn´t dress to impress you :-)
      & fashion is a matter of personal taste.
      She needed biker boots, it would have been fab, one knot would suffice

      1. PrincessRuchi at | | Reply

        There you go! Looks like she doesnt dress to impress you either!

  19. angl at | | Reply

    I LOVE PC but this looks is definitely tacky. Other than Deepkia, she has the best figure in bollywood so a good stylist would do her wonders.

  20. mick at | | Reply

    Actually i think PC is looking Ferocious……my styling on ehr wud be different bt love this too.

  21. soni at | | Reply

    this was one comments section I loved to go through :)

  22. Shalini at | | Reply

    Kareena looks drop dead gorgeous. Ethnic or not, she’s on a roll! PC’s look is awful, tacky and I could go on. No offense :)

    P.S: I’m not a Kareena fan, but I have to admit her stylist is getting it right.

  23. just me at | | Reply

    “Attempted rocker-chic”… you’re still being generous there! From the eyewear to the footwear, Priyanka’s tacky outfit does not come close to the terms “rocker” or “chic”, forget about “rocker-chic”! Looks like her stylist lost the plot and Priyanka herself doesn’t have what it takes to undo the damage. Kareena carried off her look very well.

  24. Pri at | | Reply

    Kareena’s styling is jst impeccable these days. I m loving the way She is mixing up her clothes n hair styles. One days its a chic dress with high ponytail n the next day a beautiful saree or anarkali. From jumpsuits to maxi dresses I think Bebo has tried out everything during Heroine Promo tour.

    She is looking lovely here

  25. arpitha d at | | Reply

    i like kareena’s dress (except the gold bodder).

    pc’s look seems to be a 90’s one, i dint like the look back then nor now.

  26. Smaug at | | Reply

    I love PC with all my heart…but sista’s got it wrong this time. The pants and shirt do not go together- she should have gone for some boybriend jeans and ankle booties if she really wanted to do the knot thing. Knot+skin tight jeans+ high heels= just no.

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