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  1. dreamygirl at | | Reply

    yes, the make up is off, she looks exhausted, very different form her usual glamorous self. And my eyesight is just fine :)

  2. Rocky Mountain at | | Reply

    She DOES look like she has been crying

  3. maya at | | Reply

    so lovely, so womanly.

  4. KK at | | Reply

    The dress, shoes and hair look great!! But something is off with the makeup. Maybe she’s just tired? Maybe needs a different color lipstick? I don’t know but I agree that something is off.

    1. Desimom at | | Reply

      Agree.. A diff lip color would have been good..
      She looks jet-lagged..

    2. lush.green.pastures at | | Reply

      Yup…it is the lipstick that needs to be of a different shade of nude. This one’s washing her out big time to the extent of making her look like a corpse. It’s majorly taking away from an otherwise great look. Maybe she was shooting for a death bed scene prior to attending the movie promo?! That or poor lighting when makeup was being applied.

  5. blah at | | Reply

    She looks like she’s about to die

    1. Mehnaz at | | Reply

      My thoughts exactly! She could play dead with this look…

  6. Anu at | | Reply

    Oh my. Becoming more beautiful with age

  7. pratap at | | Reply

    She looks tired

  8. shobha at | | Reply

    Divine hair.

  9. preeti at | | Reply

    Deepika has already done this sort of look before so it is clear now who copies whom? Ahem!!

    1. KK at | | Reply

      How is this the same look? The only thing that is same is that they’re both wearing a dress and shoes. Ridiculous comment! Why don’t you just comment on Kareena’s look (like most people here have), instead of pitting women against each other for no reason.

      1. Mp at | | Reply

        I think Preeti was referring to a previous derogatory comment ( now thankfully deleted) that claimed that deepika would imitate this look. But I totally get your point.

  10. roro at | | Reply

    its the lipstick..washes her out completely..makes her look like a walking corpse.

  11. EK at | | Reply

    It’s the lipstick and the eye makeup. A sheer poppy pink and the eyeliner has red/burgundy undertones, which makes it look like she has been crying. She needed more ‘light’ near the eyes and a stronger lip colour!

  12. Ahot at | | Reply

    Print is way too busy for a collar design. Love the hair & smudged eyes – thick brows make up. Very grunge heroin chic. Would be perfect for a jeans+ tank top look.

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