In Halston Heritage


It was a printed pink and black Halston Heritage maxi for Kareena while she also promoted Heroine in Dubai. Earrings by Aquamarine completed her look. The color is nice on her but something’s amiss. A belt perhaps?

You can snag this dress on here.

Kareena Kapoor at Heroine Promotions in Dubai

Photo Credit: FAcebook


    • Hair is always same? Go check all the previous Kareena posts.. she either has her hair in a pony(Blue dress) or an updo(White dress) or curls(Saree)… I think she has shown a lot of variety in this promo tour for sure.. Here the maxi is FABULOUS and I don’t feel the need for a belt at all!

  1. a belt would’ve chopped this look up, visually. it’s great as is. love the combination of magenta and black. i am wondering if a different pair of shoes would’ve worked better, but as yet undecided on what…

  2. I like the dress, shoes and the look. It’s strange though…I don’t personally care for the way Kareena looks in the dress. Maybe it’s the earrings and the makeup.

  3. Finally Bebo is looking like a movie star! Fabulous dress, which she is wearing wel – works with her shape. For once she hasn’t over done it with kohl pencil, the makeup is looking fresh and apt. The accessories work, I agree with the others, a belt would be too much for this dress. My only grips is the shoes. Not sure strappy was the best choice. But on the whole, a huge improvement for Kareena!

  4. I think a belt would have crowded the look but I agree that something is amiss. I wish the hair was different, why does no one in bollywood try a high bun! It would have looked so good on Kareena on this occasion.


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