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  1. Saira at | | Reply

    PUH fucking Lease … she has help even to drive. And how hard is it to be dressed by others, made up by others and then sit in one place infront of camera to get clicked?
    HW celebs do it all the time. Mila Kunis was seen picking her daughter a day before the birth of her son was announced.
    I hate this kind of “Kareena isn’t hiding ” crap.
    Maybe the other celebs wanted privacy.
    I see it as Kareena trying to stay relevant coz judging by her words like ” I am pregnant not a corpse” says it all how she feels about her pregnancy.
    Her cosntant gloating on how she is the first one to do this.
    Kon Kona did it. Madhuri danced in Kahe chede while pregnant . Smita Patil was doing a movie while heavily pregnant.
    So many examples. ( I hope you publish this since you guys have gone to praise Kareena for such a stupid thing)
    Aishwarya even after being taunted for her weight went on to Cannes.

    As for the looks not impressed.

    1. ak at | | Reply

      The other day she said that she has really “owned” her pregnancy. I feel like she thinks that she is constantly recreating the wheel.

      On the other hand, some of her comments have been in direct response to questions where it is implied that people expect her to just go off and hide. And let’s face it – in India, it’s still an issue as to how women’s careers will change after motherhood, so it’s kind of nice to see her remind people that pregnancy is not a death knell for one’s career (or individuality). I just wish she didn’t act like she’s the first person ever to do it.

      1. zoyi at | | Reply

        Not directed at you, ak.
        Owned her pregnancy ? – If you bought a dress, you own it.
        If you got pregnant, sure as hell you own it, nobody’s going to take the bump , sleep deprivation or aches and pains for you!
        You break it, you buy it policy!

    2. Mira at | | Reply

      Wow… you okay?

      1. R at | | Reply

        Yes, I agree to above. But do we have to be so harsh to other women. Can we give Kareena the benefit of doubt. In Bollywood somehow th expectation is that once you are pregnant – most doors are closed. So in a way she is doing something different in recent Hollywood history by being out and about despite being heavily pregnant. Remember when Amitabh Bacchan said that he was super proud of Aishwarya for
        Delivering the baby without epidural. Really!!! How is woman’s strength related to delivering without epidural. Pain during delivery is so passé especially with new anesthesia medications and techniques. But my point is that in a world where odds are stacked against us – can we try to be kind to other women!!!

    3. zoyi at | | Reply

      There’s nothing hollywood/Bollywood or India/U.S. about this. Vegetable sellers , construction workers, masters and PhD students( with heavy course load) – they work all the way up to going into labor.
      Like Saira pointed out, Kareena has help for everything and chooses to be in public eye. A lot of my friends in India having desk jobs also work until the very end.
      And some celebs( not all) who choose not to be so front and center like Kareena may have been advised bed rest.
      +100 for Aishwarya who took time to lose her weight post child birth and not succumb to people’s expectations or taunts.
      Hope Kareena has stopped wearing pointy high heels at least now!

    4. Miu Miu at | | Reply

      Than you Saira! A ver well articulated point indeed. I have been wondering the same thing! Dressing up, going to brunches and exclusive parties does not constitute working. She was supposed to do “Veere di wedding” with Sonam Kapoor, but postponed it due to her pregnancy. Us real women who have no drivers, gardeners, cooks, maids, personal assistants etc are one’s to be really praised. My sister worked till her 9th month of pregnancy and due to lack of a nanny used to drop the baby at my mum’s house at 8:00 AM, come back to pick him up at 5:00 PM. All the while missing the boy and feeling guilty. Now that is bloody owning your pregnancy!!! Pardon my french. Rant over!

    5. jigna at | | Reply

      You couldn’t have said it better Saira. Absolutely True. Man I have been itching to write about this balderdash (about being the only Bollywood woman to step out) that she has been blowing about since the last 9 months. I just wanted her to deliver and stop delivering these verbal missiles and also we can have some peace than having to witness her ”owning” “working” and “glamming”her pregnancy. Grow up.

    6. Prabhjot at | | Reply

      Why are we women are so bitter to each other? I guess a lot of us work during pregnancy and thats amazing. Having help in india is common, most middle class people have maids, drivers and families to fall back on. as a doc who has seen other pregnant ladies working inhumane hours while pregnant, I can put her effort down more than most here .But I appreciate an Indian actress who has crazy media all over her,coming out so boldly and beautifully. And huge respect for women who actually work while being pregnant. Let’s not be so hateful.

  2. SQ at | | Reply

    I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE Kareena fan. And I agree with the ladies above. She has looked great through her pregnancy, no doubt. But it’s been done before and it’ll be done again. She’s clearly enjoying being pregnant and has looked great throughout. But I think we have Tanya Ghavri to thank for that.

  3. Melange at | | Reply

    Not a fashion comment – The US maternity leave system (almost non-existent) is absolutely appalling. It does not merit being called a “developed country” when it has the same mindless policy as Papua New Guinea. Especially given the recent news on abortion and the Stanford rape case, it seems to be a hard country for women.

  4. Amani at | | Reply

    To be honest, we haven’t really seen her “work” during her pregnancy. She’s just been very visible to the public throughout, which is a good thing in my opinion. She’s not afraid of showing the changes in her body. It surprised me, frankly speaking, because I thought someone like Kareena, who is clearly very conscious of her image, will go into hiding when her body starts changing. She proved me wrong on that front. In that sense, yes, she has “owned” her pregnancy. Not because she was working throughout.

    She looks great here. I think the hair could have been pulled back though.

  5. Ratan at | | Reply

    First off, Kareena looks lovely. Nothing to fault.

    About her pregnancy & all the talk, let’s not forget her profession demands her to be in the public eye. The only way in which she is treating her pregnancy different from other actresses is by choosing to remain visible. This is publicity, people. And I don’t think it’s a necessarily bad thing, because it’s working for her even when she isn’t! She’s not been forgotten and sadly this kind of matters in a profession where visibility is directly proportionate to popularity.
    Yes she has help for everything, but let’s not forget, these events and public appearances also constitute work for her. She personally may not want to show up but this is work.

    It’s time women stopped bashing other women because somebody else will always be richer, prettier, more popular, will have more help etc. It’s time we applauded each other for who we each are.

  6. debbie at | | Reply

    Oh you guys had me in splits…’She has been working through her pregnancy’ is definitely a bit of an overstatement (and I’m being polite here)…she has flaunted her bump more than other actresses maybe…but all I’ve seen her doing since her pregnancy news broke is to attend parties and get togethers…I completely agree with Saira, its a cake walk when you have someone to dress you, comb your hair, drive you around and you basically have everything taken care of for you. I understand this is a fashion blog and the narrative is casual but please use a bit of discretion before saying completely silly things like this…and what’s with ‘owing my pregnancy?’…is there any other thing that you can do?
    P.S – I drove to work till the day my water broke…so I know a thing or two about working through pregnancy.

  7. debbie at | | Reply

    Oh puhleez….I understand its a fashion blog and the narrative is casual but please think before you say something like Kareena has been working through her pregnancy…attending parties and soires is not working…and wat’s with the remark of owing her pregnancy? Is there anything else that one can do? RIDICULOUS!

  8. Sara at | | Reply

    Kareena looked great !!
    Better than many celeb or normal people during pregnancy and hats off for winning the best genes lottery.
    Her glowing fair skin is a plus points :)

  9. Charu Tyagi at | | Reply

    Kareena is looking great! The best part is she is not hiding like other celebs…I don’t know why they do this!

  10. The Pizza Ghoul at | | Reply

    She looks pretty.

  11. neena at | | Reply

    She is not owning her pregnancy.She is using it to stay relevant.Working it to her own advantage on the platform she has…..nothing commendable about it.There are million women who work right through pregnancy.Though i loooove Kareena.I hate this new culture of getting pregnant and whole works as this inordinately unachievable thing they have managed.Think Shilpa Shetty,Tara Sharma.Infact i admire celebs who step back frm the limelight.

  12. Hetal at | | Reply

    Isn’t this a birthday party ? Can you please explain how it constitutes ”work” ???

  13. Manali at | | Reply

    Having the best designers, best hair and makeup team, best dieticians and trainers….I don’t think looking decent is a Herculean task for these stars..some shy away from the limelight during pregnancy…and some like to make the most of it … I guess when you are a star, staying in the public eye is sort of work in a way…cant let people forget about you…a comeback is sometimes difficult..but for ms kapoor, a comeback won’t really happen, coz she never was gone!

  14. v at | | Reply

    here owning it seems to have become flaunting it…she is a good looking woman and is looking great during pregnancy… but harping about it all the time seems unnecessary…just to keep the limelight on herself

  15. joules at | | Reply

    To compare actresses or models to PHD students/software engineers/doctors is not fair. Their job requires them to look a certain way and looks are immensely important in that profession, and I would add more so in bollywood than hollywood. I think it is the first time I am seeing an indian actress flaunting her baby bump in public and that is a good thing. Most actresses either hide from the limelight or wear those tent like anarkalis.

  16. Sweta at | | Reply

    I have mixed feelings about this.

    I completely agree with some of you that what she did during her pregnancy does not really fall in the category of “working”. I agree with some of you that her recent outings and statements have got more to do with her desire to be “relevant and exceptional”.

    However, we should take a step back and figure out why some of us (celebrities as well as mortals) go into hiding during pregnancy? A popular reason is uncertainty medical complication! I have seen my friend go through this. She did not believe she had given birth to a healthy baby till it actually happened! And she hid her pregnancy news from the real and social world as much as possible.

    Imagine a celebrity having a miscarriage or a still birth. Will the media handle the news sensibly? Will the couple be given privacy to grieve in peace? Will the media not make judgements about the incident?

    I can see enough reasons why celebrities go into hiding when they are pregnant. Kareena Kapoor not going into hiding is probably a manifestation of her chilled out personality!

    Just my two cents :-)

  17. Neha at | | Reply

    I think we are just making a mountain out of molehill…Looking good, giving interviews, being relevant..this is work for Kareena..so she’s doing that…The way she’s different is that she’s not hiding behind those tents, anarkalis…She’s owning it in that way..In India u are expected to cover ur bump..nazar lag jayegi n all…
    Its much more easier here in US..nobody is bothered by the bump show…n for the maternity leave in US…it sucks BIG tym…

  18. RASHMI at | | Reply

    While I agree that she is taking pregnancy in a fun way and not shying away by staying indoors however, does she have to be at every function? I feel like she’s overdoing it. I know that the social media is to be blamed too for too much exposure but my god her pics are everywhere and she’s attending so many events! Yes Bebo it’s cool that you are brave and strong but you don’t have to over do it. On the fashion front, it is definitely a risque dress but she looks beautiful however, the neckline could’ve been better. Examples of Princess Victoria while pregnant and attending the Nobel prize ceremony in the beautiful aubergine gown come to mind!!

  19. Sapna Aggarwal at | | Reply

    1. This is not work, it’s a private party
    2. No points for dressing nice, its just a dress with a not so flattering neckline.
    3. Kareena is in limelight through her pregnancy because she is addicted to it. She is delusional if she thinks she is the first one to do so publicly. Good she doesn’t hide her bump but should stop wearing high heels to get any ‘sensibility’ points.

  20. Puneeta Uchil at | | Reply

    Since Kareena’s work involves being in the public eye- yes she has had a working pregnancy.

    Since being pregnant is not really glammed up in India, I admire her for being the *first* actress to do so. Most pregnant women act and look like martyrs instead of happy, smiling Gaias.

    I am not a fan really (I was jealous she got to marry someone as articulate and well read as Saif!) and she’s certainly an airhead and can’t really articulate her thoughts well. But. But. But. Credit where its due she is one of the few Indians I have seen (and considering I am 30 rn I know a lot of pregnant people) who hasn’t hidden her pregnancy. My friends have hidden themselves either because they think they look like cows (NO! They dont!!!) or because they are worried about nazar (such an archiac and shitty concept!) or because their parents, in-laws and husbands treat them like they have suddenly become bone-china dolls! So many of my friends have not just taken leave, but up and quit their jobs- and while I would respect that if they did it themselves- most times its because of family pressure.

    Around 90% of my pregnant friends from school and college suddenly literally de-activated their FB profiles for a year (considering how many selfies they used to take before it was quite strange)! I would message or call them to ask if everything was ok and learn the news and how the draconian ma/ma-in-law has put a de facto ban on all social medias. But now I have taken it for granted that if I don’t see pictures for a year, it means that I am suddenly going to be inundanted with 579 baby pictures per day post that.

    I have literally not seen pictures of a single of my friends while they were pregnant. Not. Even. One.

    So this is a big deal. Small town India subconsciously takes cues from movie stars and maybe now they will stop treating pregnancy like a disease.

    You high-faluting city people with your jobs that you work in till water breaks have no idea how privileged you are to be able to take that decision. Most Indian middle-class women (70%) are not.

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