1. Explain to me what’s so red hot about this. Neck up bebo looks great. Otherwise a fairly standard issue jumpsuit sported by most celebs who are not accessorily challenged.

  2. She looks seven feet tall! I love how, despite not having the prescribed body type for jumpsuits (the dictum seems to be “tall and rail-thin”), she’s working the hell out of her look. <3

  3. She looks great, the reason the jump suit looks good on her is because of the fit, not too fitted, not too lose, the fit and length are just right. Also love the thin brown belt. Great make up and pony tail

  4. I really dont undertand whats red hot about this…
    She can definitely look good but these days something is always off about her face and make up… And I think it has to do with her overdone cheeks…

    • Not all female beauty has to be feminine; there is beauty in androgyny. Angles and edges give an illusion of power and statuesque that soft rounded faces often lack. Kareena is *lucky* to have that modelesque androgynous look that is only enhanced by her full lips and gorgeous eyes.

      • Fully agree. the androgynous look is hot! also, Kareena is stunning here merely by her changed styling gravitating to pants and jumpsuits now. I didn’t think the day would come when we saw KK in anything but thigh defying dresses and tight jeans/leggings.

  5. Love the outfit on her.makes her look very slim but the make up is off. She has a naturally beautiful face but excessive make up isn’t helping.hate her talon like nails

  6. ok, i am not getting this, this is probably her biggest movie till date , yet , the movie promo poster was sooo sub substandard (reminded of Ra.one song) and now this look . Lilttle more effort please !!


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