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  1. Ak at | | Reply

    Honestly, in this phase wear anything and it will be great! As long are you’re comfortable who cares!

    1. Ak at | | Reply

      And she looks great! ??

  2. odd at | | Reply

    that floral dress looks like a night gown with a robe on top

    1. Fergie at | | Reply

      I was going to say the exact same thing.

  3. Senorita at | | Reply

    she’s totally OWNING pregnancy style!

  4. Swastika at | | Reply

    Cool. Lovely. Refreshing

  5. Deepti at | | Reply

    Pregnancy seems to have brought her out of her pouting phase it seems! She looks amazing and is glowing, I wish her the best

    1. Moni Pal at | | Reply

      She is pouting in second pic!

    2. Sup at | | Reply

      How lovely she looks in the floral dress, can’t take my eyes off her face.

  6. Eskmee at | | Reply

    this look is fabulous!! ?? The colors and the coordinates.seems pregnancy is going to change her style statement. Loving it!

  7. Zeni at | | Reply

    She is winning the pregnancy style. Effortless vibes

  8. Sara at | | Reply

    I’m sure she farrrrrrrrrrrrr a lot than 90% of us ladies when we were pregnant
    With all the hormones and morning sickness !!!!!
    Have some humanity people :)
    Peace !

  9. Asha at | | Reply

    Not liking the 2nd outfit, but the 1st one is awesome!

  10. Miss Big Dreams at | | Reply

    Iam just happy to see the glowing mom to be in flats ^.^

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