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    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! This woman looks gorgeous & can work any outfit! She’s looking absolutely radiant & very lovely here!

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      Yeah I agree.. Kareena looks breathtakingly beautiful!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

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    Pretty..but girls fit weirdly..

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    omigod! Kareena looks stunning and uber Hottttttttttttttt!

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    Hair and make-up is perfect! infact everything about this look is perfect!!!

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    this is way better than dubai prem pics…she looks good in this one as compared to MM sari

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    I like Shilpa’s outfit better (the flower in the centre is spoiling this one for me), but Kareena looks stunning!

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    She’s no threat to Shilpa

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      So True! Shilpa’s bod alone will take care of it.

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        Yep, just checked out Shilpa’s pic in the D&G gown and she just looks RAVISHING…Kareena’s gown doesn’t fit her as smugly…my vote is Shilpa!

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      agree, I dont see how she gives Shilpa run for her money, she looks hot…but that doesn’t lessen anything about shilpa’s appearance

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    Flawless makeup! Beautiful face! love those earrings. Don’t really care much for the dress though! like glittery giftwrap complete with the bow!

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    sorry, i totally vote for shilpa here…can any one beat that figure and look how she is working the dress !!
    kareena isnt bad but comes after shilpa definitely!

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      Yep – the girls are threatening to spill out here – Shilpa is in a class of her own….

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      I agree too!No doubt Kareena looks good…but there’s no beating Shilpa…She looks wwwaaaaayyyyy morrreee hoott!!!

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        Also..there’s no comparing their bodies..Shilpa definitely wins!

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          Totally, Shilpa looked way better, and her dress was better than this one, the flower on this one makes it look tacky. I think the Dubai look was better than this appearance.

          1. suraima at |

            Shilpa’s body is unbeatable. Sorry, Kareena, you’ve tried.

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    tres chic…

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    Ouch! Bad, bad choice….the hair is awful, and the clothes are so unflattering – what’s with the ugly bow and the weird posture and the giant jewelry?
    Her make-up rocks, though. Wish she’d stuck to her Chamak Challo saree or picked a different dress…

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      Good, I wasnt the only one who thought that dress was bad. The hair is flat and dont like this look one bit.

      And pls dont compare this to Shipa. Shipa even though over done, killed that dress!

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    Kareena individually is a beautiful woman. But you can’t compare anyone with Shilpa. Look at the bone structure, arms and the slender waist of Shilpa which makes any dress looks good, no matter what she wears. Kareena’s arms are looking large in this dress, which looks disproportionate to the rest of her body.

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    I don’t like the sash and the red spots (or are they reflections of the carpet?). Her makeup looks good!

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    Love the understated hair and makeup. What I love about Kareena is that she works the hell out of everything she wears.

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    She looks great but not feeling the waist detail!!

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    Eeks! Horrible…

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      don’t like the hair and the dress is very unflattering to her great figure!

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    Kareena does look very beautiful in this pic. But, is it me or is that a peek-a-boo of her strapless bra, or is the dress just made that way. HCC since you’re comparing Shilpa and Kareena in their D&G, Shilpa wins handsdown…noone has curves like Shilpa, who rocks her D&G. Infact Kareena looks as if she’s sucking her tummy in….it’s almost funny.

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    the fit looks really weird. the dress seems to be too snug around the bust but it also looks like it’s falling off :/
    her hair is ok, but she has such gorgeous hair, it could have been better IMO

    shilpa totally blew me away in that dress, am usually not a fan but i got to give her credit there

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    Gorgeous is the word..she looks absolutely stunning..glad she pulled her hair back cuz it show offs her awesome shoulder bone straucture..make up is picture perfect..understated accessories..all in all ..she hit the homerun with this one..!!

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    Shilpa Shetty works it way way better.
    Kk looks tired to me infact. Is it a bad angle or doesn’t sit as well as SS’?

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    her hair looks like it needs a good wash!

  24. kumar at | | Reply

    makes her look flat chested n her body looks wierd. n dont compare her to shilpa lol pleez..her body is heaven!

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    Kareena looks ravishing n definitely gives the Twinkles n Suzannes and even younger stars a run for their money but nowhere close to Shilpa. Shilpa “THE BODY” is in a league of her own. Especially in that hot Dolce n Gabbana.

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    Not a great dress…that weird flower thingy is well just that weird and what’s up with the hair??? She still manages to look good….certainly is one of the few “movie star” looking actresses.

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    Kareena > Shilpa anyday for me

    she looks GORGEOUS!

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    She looks gorgeous, love how she’s wearing less blusher than usual.

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    Kareena looks absolutely gorgeous and stunning. and yep, she is giving shilpa a run for her money. hell yeah.

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    Even though I otherwise find Kareena quite gorgeous, I think Shilpa works the dress far better. her body is unbeatable and can carry a dress better. her bone structure and arms look great too. Kareena on the other hand, looks a bit tired and old, also the dress lacks detailing around the waist.

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    Is she wearing the dress wrong? it seems like the black strap right at the boob level is suppose to be on the inside. Glad she’s toned down the makeup but shilpa wins this hands down.

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    I think she looks a bit like Karen from Californication.

    That aside, I don’t like the dress. But neck up, she looks phenom!

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    Neck up , Kareena looks gorgeous. But in terms of an overall look, Shilpa wins hands down – it was not necessarily a better dress (i like the graphic print on this one) but it was a great dress, and it fit well, whereas the bad (and unflattering) fit on this dress takes away so much. Plus, Shilpa’s overall look just won out. I’m not even going to mention the figure.

    P&P – Is there a runway pic for comparison? This dress fits poorly on Kareena, especially at the waist, and I am wondering whether the belt is an add-on, rather than part of the original outfit – esp. because it hides the major portion of the red sequins.

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      I have to agree Shilpa’s waist was more defined.
      But the dress looks unflattering on Kareena. Neck up Kareens looks fab !

    2. MJ at | | Reply

      I don’t think the dress has any ‘graphic print’ or red sequins. That’s the red carpet reflecting off off those sequins on her gown! Tricky image I know!

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    neck up its Kareena and rest Shilpa scores way better …..Kareena has great face and Shilpa has best body …..

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    Gahhh I truly wish she had pulled up her dress to not show cleavage and just allow her neck, clavicles and shoulders to do the talking because that would have been just beautiful (cover her with ur finger and ull see what I mean)

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    Stunning , but pls dont compare er with SS not fair to anyone, i do wish for a better hair and a more radiant make up

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    Kareena has bags under her eyes….the dress is so fugly… that bow thing is such sore point… her hair seems dirty oily.. not the slicked back sorts…. and her shoulders look humongous to the rest of her figure!!!

    p.s. that square jaw can put Johny Bravo to shame

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    Shilpa killed it, what a bod! Kareena looks good too in her number but the hair seems meh.

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    Seems like she is wearing her Corset under her dress to get her figure right!! Not working… and Shilpa looks way more attractive and has owned the dress.

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    I just recently saw this pic of Lara…and I believe it is the same dress that Kareena’s wearing here…

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    She does look amazing!!

    The look takes me to the 2009 Brit Awards – where Kylie Minogue is wearing the same dress!!!

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