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  1. fopa at | | Reply

    she looks gorjous
    love u kareena

  2. dn at | | Reply

    I guess the make-up was for the performance.

  3. Aarthi at | | Reply

    THAT makeup for a T-and Jeans get up!!!???

  4. kayshika at | | Reply

    my god she looks stunning.
    by the way, is that babita in the background? if it is then holy efword, why would you leave the house looking like that??

  5. Surbhi at | | Reply

    yeah the makeup is so OTT>. but i like the statement tshirt.. much as i hate to admit it..

  6. nik at | | Reply

    she looks like casper the unfriendly ghost there courtesy of makeup

    and just because she wore the Tshirt doesn’t necessarily mean she is all for the cause. Her new man wore “Free Tibet” shirt once and then went to the olympic torch rally and made some ignorant comment while justifying the action.

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