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  1. Belle at | | Reply

    maybe she can pull it off. i cant say anything because i cant see the full length.
    her makeup i dont like that much. i do like the lips however.

  2. bev at | | Reply

    I think kareena has the syndrome where when “big” people suddenly lose weight they only ever wear clothes to show off their new body..

    yeah yeah Kareena we know you have lost heaps of weight.. and even when we forgot for a microsecond there were 50 articles in the news all about your “new body”

  3. spee at | | Reply

    Totally agree about what you said regarding non-raccoon eyes.

  4. nosh at | | Reply

    I hate that constipated look on her face in the second picture.

    She does that in all her movies when she is trying too hard to be cute and it makes me cringe!!!!!!

  5. Cassandra at | | Reply

    She looks very good… Who can pull off such an outfit.. except for kareena..

  6. happy at | | Reply

    well preity zinta can pull off this outfit

  7. nik at | | Reply

    anyone can pull off this bad excuse of a dress.. kareena aint the first one to lose weight

    anyway she looks so OLD, she has aged a LOT recently..the forehead My god!

    She pulls the weirdest faces all the time, its either a goofy face like this or a big smug!

  8. lia at | | Reply

    hate the nails…..too long……not very classy…..

    and agree abut the constipated look on her face, very funny….

  9. fopa at | | Reply

    she looks gorjous i think the colour of the dress really suits her!!!

  10. kannu at | | Reply

    u kno she puts on fake nails !

  11. Surbhi at | | Reply

    OMG.. Nosh, I sooo agree with you. I hate KK.. hate the artificial nails.. the oh so earnest expression.. bleh! always OTT.. never just right

  12. SG at | | Reply

    How does it matter if she puts fake nails or dresses like she lost weight? She worked hard to get the body she has now and deserves to show it off! Unbelievable how inane some of these comments are!
    I personally think she looks good in the left shot.

  13. U at | | Reply

    The makeup is good for her.. definitely a change..

    never thought gold could be so boring..

    and I think with her ‘Gold’ dress she’s almost trying to do away with the dumpy don image {I thought she looked fine in the don song so don’t know why people got into a stinker about her weight }

  14. Anjali at | | Reply

    I am seriously overdosing on Kareena. She seems to be everywhere suddenly and with her same old same old boring hair and style sense, it’s just too much.
    YAWN !!!!!!

  15. Fashioncrazy at | | Reply

    That doesn’t seem like size 0 arms, they look so flabby

  16. sam at | | Reply


  17. Sunshine at | | Reply

    Or, may be this is a dress that she wore for an on-stage performance and then never changed back for the photoshoot?
    On-stage dresses that some of these actors wear are hideously blingy and shiny.

  18. Jesse at | | Reply

    She does have an incredibly boring dress sense. Her sister is better.

    She should be more adventurous, like Lara Dutta.

    Ditto on the raccoon eyes, she totally overdid the eyeliner before.
    I didn’t now she wore fake nails, didn’t take notice till this picture.

    Did she have fakes ones in Jab We Met too?

  19. pdaervo at | | Reply

    Her makeup looks great…it really brings out the color of her eyes
    BUT I agree…the dress is sort of blah…

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  21. Soumya at | | Reply

    She looks sweet here, there’s not enough of the dress for me to comment.

    On her size zero; I think she looks way too thin, it shows clearly that her natural body shape is not like that. When you force that shape on your body by heavy dieting, you end up looking unhealthy like her. Check Tashan; her head looks too big for her body! (a good no-brainer entertainer film by the way :D)
    Some people are tall and slim by nature; I suggest we leave that kind of body and look to girls like Deepika or Shilpa.
    Kareena looks so gorgeous when she just has her natural body shape and focuses on her strengths like her skin, eyes and sculpted face (see Omkara). Oh and minus the attitude of course :S

  22. Anon at | | Reply

    Too much hype about her size..Not sure about Tashan, but she does not look like a size zero here..

  23. priyanka at | | Reply

    Kareena better watch out she is so close to becoming a lollipop head! In some pics, she already has!

  24. Anastasia at | | Reply

    Surbhi, Nosh- finally, so glad to run into kindred spirits!!! KK should be kicked out of Bwood pronto…

  25. Sara at | | Reply

    she looks perfekt

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