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  1. annie at | | Reply

    The fake jawline makes it look like she has pits in her cheeks. How could someone approve those photoshopping skills??

  2. pia at | | Reply

    He looks so scary…. unless its a issue for Halloween !

    1. ruchi at | | Reply

      my thoughts exactly

      1. Nick at | | Reply

        I missed this… god scary! Something from old age Star Trek.

  3. glitzy.apple at | | Reply

    Ok. She doesn’t look good.. :|

  4. rudra at | | Reply

    o m g..she is looking horrible

  5. Kimz604 at | | Reply

    Photoshopping should be banned! She looks absolutley horrid. I’ve never been a Kareena fan but I’m sorry this is the WORST cover I’ve ever seen. HOW could she ever let the public see this!!!!:|

    1. Sej at | | Reply


    2. pan at | | Reply

      So agree….Payal its not weee bit its gigantic bit of photoshopping

  6. Carol at | | Reply

    That cover is not fierce. The cover just looks ugly. Who are they trying to attract? Drag queens?

  7. Prem Rogue at | | Reply

    Is she trying to channel Lady Gaga?

  8. Kayshika at | | Reply

    They tried to make her look like Audrey Hepburn in this pic!

    1. G at | | Reply

      I think so too but failed miserably!

  9. nalini at | | Reply

    one look at this and it scared me! it is just very scary! and just in time for halloween.

  10. Shruti at | | Reply

    Ew they ruined her face :(

  11. lolita at | | Reply

    She looks like a japanese robot!

    1. preeti at | | Reply

      lol hahahaaha

  12. Bee at | | Reply

    yuck !

  13. pdaervo at | | Reply

    LOL, I love the IDEA, and the 50’s inspiration…but she looks like an alien
    the way they’ve photoshopped her face is bizzare!
    and that is overtly a Bailman copy (wierdly so, the innate fierceness of an exagerated shoulder without the fierce design leaves the outfit in some strange middle space)

  14. Jazz at | | Reply

    ew ghastly!

  15. lazyU at | | Reply

    They’re creepy and they’re kooky,
    Mysterious and spooky,
    They’re all together ooky,
    The Addams Family.

    1. nalini at | | Reply


  16. pam at | | Reply

    She looks like “Mr.Spock”

  17. kretya at | | Reply

    amazingly i love the pic :)
    it really is nice…
    its sooo international…
    looks like an issue straight 4m paris…
    i love it
    its the rt defination for razzmatazz.

  18. sk at | | Reply

    i’m a huge kareena fan but i hate what they’ve done to her face and hair. scary.

  19. Shweta12 at | | Reply

    I’m sure no one agrees, but she looks FIERCE.
    Kareena is one person who is unafraid to try anything bold/out-of-the-norm.

    1. BOO you at | | Reply

      i second that!

  20. Kiwi at | | Reply

    Its a fierce cover allright, lover her skirt–that jacket is a rip off, I wonder why the need for so much photoshopping that the model becomes unrecognizable. Grazia is my favourite fashion magazine in India… unlike Vogue and Harper’s bazaar, they have more looks from designers/shops in India. Most of the other mags show primarily non Indian designer wear which one can get from the imported mags(which I buy as well)

  21. AudreyH at | | Reply

    I really want this cover to work but it doesnt..I appreciate that they’ve tried something unusual… but it falls really short of fierce…I donot like the clothes as theyre copies of international design…it does nothing for her or doesnt add any value at all…

  22. SS at | | Reply

    Everything is totally wrong with this cover, should have been a monocrhomatic style..either 50s or 80s or contemporary..this mix match just doesnt work…what also doesnt work are the heavy bangs, not looking good….its a No for me all the way….

  23. mrug at | | Reply

    I want to throw up!

  24. shocked much? at | | Reply

    I love the effort and the concept, but it has just blown up in their face! She looks ghastly, unrecognizable! I am hugely disappointed.

  25. sjg at | | Reply

    The cover is absolutely stunning!!!
    Being a photographer, it looks as if the effective use of lighting rather than photoshop has been used on the picture.
    Well done!!!!

  26. Marker at | | Reply

    May be.. !!!!!!!

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