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    She really looked great…

  3. Violet at | | Reply

    That’s a lovely gown! The hair is a little too flat for me. It looks greasy.

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    She looks stunning, the gown fits her like a dream. But I don’t think I like the hair but still she looks great.

  5. Shilpi at | | Reply

    Kareena is in her best body shape ever

  6. NG at | | Reply

    I think also not her best makeup, she looks dull and washed out. But the gown is stunning, what a fit

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    She’s working it!!!!!

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    she looks like a movie star.. love it

  9. Niharika Naidu at | | Reply

    Looks like she’s trying too hard to look sexy! Maybe a better hairdo, and make-up could have saved her.

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    Only she could have carried off this gown like this. So elegant and sexy. Not much of a fan of the colour though.

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    Incredible color on her! Love it!

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    Kareena looks gorgeous – very glam! Am amazed at the sketch though – I understand that there is artistic license and it plays in different ways, but the woman in the sketch is unreal in how thin she is!

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    She looks old :-/

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    great color, and perfect fit. how toned is her back! wish she had a different lip, though.

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    She looks like a million bucks! Although I think the sketch is not of this gown.

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    She is looks amazing, and may I add…the best dressed at this event. Her dress was simple and she doesn’t look like she is trying to hard like the other actresses on the red carpet with their crazy dresses. Love her simple classy dress. Her makeup could have been better…but she is naturally gorgeous and pulls off the simple makeup look. Loved the overall look!

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    Wowzzzaaaaaaa …..she could be in hollywood.

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    just brilliant. she looks the best. really stunning. great dress and great make up.

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    This is really really really great

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