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  1. Megha at | | Reply

    those sunglasses are HOOOOOTTTT

    me want…in blue too!!

  2. s at | | Reply

    wat good are these shades? u cant wear them in sun.
    on top of it dont look great either.

  3. suchi at | | Reply

    wowthey look great!will probably buy them, they are not ridiculously expensive. hope they are polarized

  4. Namrata at | | Reply

    they even come in a brown and gold…. actually they come in 5-6 colors… black and gold, brown and gold , blue with gold and evn pink with gold.. they are the new season one’s for 205 pounds……

  5. Neha at | | Reply

    OMG I am in love with those shades..I think I’ll buy them!

  6. priya at | | Reply

    @S, why can’t you wear these shades in the sun???
    anyway, the shades r pretty cool but I don’t think they suit round faces like mine :-( but if I bought one, it’d b in a more neutral color so that it can be worn with diverse attires.

  7. preeths at | | Reply


    a lot of the high fashion shades are no good for the sun, they are best for evening or indoor wear. even their polarisation, if there is, leaves a lot to be desired :) i would NEVER EVER wear these brands for some serious sporting/ outdoor activity

  8. anonymous at | | Reply

    Thank you thank you for the info! LOVE them.. they are perfect for summer!

  9. Pri at | | Reply

    I love them! And they loook reallly nice on her

  10. priya at | | Reply

    @preeths, that makes sense. In fact, I asked that question assuming that these aren’t heavy duty shades but I still think u can wear them in the sun for brief periods. but thanks! :-)

  11. preethi at | | Reply

    looks good on her….

  12. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    agree with S and preeths, these sunnies are a bit pointless in the sun, because they don’t really give much protection. but boy, are they pretty!

    kareena has really blossomed and i am starting to admire her more now.

  13. priyanka at | | Reply

    P and P how can I buy it. please place the model number… im dien here

  14. PRIi at | | Reply

    those shades are mental looking.
    only cretins would wear them.

  15. _*Dia*_ at | | Reply

    wow! theres nothing u guys cant find!
    love these..thanks!

  16. lazyU at | | Reply

    They remind of the purple sunglasses I forced my parents to buy for me when I was eleven… I hated them later. The blue looks all nice but wearing it would be chore for me..

  17. Richa at | | Reply

    she is lookin like an alien..not likin this one bit..

  18. Antonia at | | Reply

    I like them. Don’t know if they’d suit my face though.

  19. sadaf says at | | Reply

    oh yes me too like it !!!! they r just HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT i ll defenitly buy the same !!!!

  20. khushi kaur at | | Reply

    these are the hottest shades after aviators……Man I am gonna get it !!!

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