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    Wow I just love this look, its creative, especially the unusual blouse juxtaposed with the saffron sari.

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    If anything at all she should be wearing neck lines which soften her shoulders..
    Do not like the light coloured petticoat show at all, very very tacky. Matching the sari’s yellow border to the blouse just made it mediocre as well.

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      Yeah that white petticoat is just too tacky!

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    Mithai ka dabba

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      Great observation!

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      Ha ha!! So apt!

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    this is too TV serial-ish for me, specially for this event

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    Not feeling the look for otherwise gorgeous Kareena. The whole outfit looks tacky with the white petticoat. Even funnier is the partial pic of Karan Johar pouting!

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      Karan’s pout has me rolling on the floor. It’s the only thing I saw.

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    Net. Is. tacky. Period.
    The colours don’t help.

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    This sari n blouse is a total mess……wtheyyy for me!

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    I hope to see the day when b-town ladies will stop wearing Manish Malhotra and other gaudy, blingy designers, and also learn to drape a sari.

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    This should be a WTHey. It looks hideous!

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    Not an attractive look…there is too much going on.

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    I don’t even know where to begin with this. The blouse and the sari are not working together. The orange mesh, white petticoat, everything is a bit of mess.

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    I thought she was “in character” for a movie. Distasteful.

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    Bad bad bad choice. It looks like something her character in Chameli would wear!

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      My thoughts exactly!

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      That was my first thought!

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    she reminds of me of jogan i saw in pashupatinath temple in shivratri!

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    The low-waist draping of the sari really bothers me. That is the tackiest of all.

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      Thank you! It’s not the saree itself but the drape that tackifies the whole look.

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    Tacky, O Tacky O Tacky tacky tacky re!!!
    ( like the Himmatwala song!)

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      hahaha… too funny!!

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      Thats the funniest comment….spot on too

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    Oh my god…that’s Taktastic for sure! And checkout the amount of bronzer on her.

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    her posing and draping is very shriya saran-esque…

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    This woman can look like a million bucks but she choses this 1 rupee look!!!

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    I feel like having fanta.

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    since its a net sari, wearing a darker coloured petticoat wud have enhanced the look of the sari!!
    the choice f eaarings also make the look a bit busy!!

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    And why is this not under WTHey?? coz its Kareena??

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    Oh wow! Awful.

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    The blouse makes her shoulders look very broad and her body look shapeless which is odd considering you can actually see the curve at her waist. The white petticoat is awful, the way the saree is draped is awful.. so overall the entire outfit is doing her no favors at all… sad!

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    Does it look like it’s been put together by a stylist? Really, are you kidding me?

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    The exact same design in handloom cotton would look lovely, minus the sheer and the bling. Choosing the right fabric for a design is so essential. Why do designers(and their customers) feel that a sari needs to be made in net fabric to be ‘designer’?

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      +1 Although, i think this look aint bad or particularly tacky. I love the blouse design.

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    It looks like she wore the blouse back to front. Shaking my head.

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    WTF. go away!

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    This sari needed a Blue blouse

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    3 comments here have me rofling- mithai ka dabba, Karan’s pout and tacky o tacky…o tacky tacky tacky re!! hahhahahhahha!!!

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