In Lanvin


Update: Instead of wrapping the longer layer around the neck like the model, Kareena wore this blue Lanvin as is. Thanks ‘anoo’ and ‘fashionista‘ for the spotting!

Which version do you like the dress better? The model’s or Kareena’s?


Left: Lanvin, Resort 2009
Right: Kareena Kapoor at Anne French Event


Kareena wore a long blue kaftan style dress with a flower detail at an event for Anne French. Now, I am a big fan of this style because it is roomy, comfy and can be very elegant if you pick a monochromatic look.

But, in Kareena’s case I don’t like the neckline or the uneven length of this dress and that flower was completely unnecessary. Now, the same blue color in the Jil Sander design or even the Missoni one(see below) and I would have loved loved loved Kareena.

What do you think of Kareena’s dress? A blue belle, is she?


Kareena Kapoor at Anne French Event

jil-sander-sping-2008.jpg missoni-spring-2008.jpg

Left: Jil Sander Spring 2008
Right: Missoni, Spring 2008

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. i like kareena’s dress.. she’s wearing it well..
    dont think the models are carrying it that well.. looks like a nighty to me!

  2. i dont digg it .. but BEBO looks splendid .. her skin is flawless .. after aishwarya .. only kareena has the flawless skin ..

    even the dress is long .. bebo look out u may slip down .. :p

  3. i loveee the jil sander dress!!! so elegant and graceful! i wish kareena chose that one instead!

    i usually loveee posts on kareena but i dont like like her make up here. she looks like she’s ready to fall asleep.

  4. I think her dress is Roberto Cavalli. Charilize Theron wore a similar gown @ The Opening of Atlantis in Dubai. & if it is Roberto Cavalli, it’s not the first time we’ve seen her in it.

    BTW. She does look great. The color looks great against her skin. Wished she’d have paired it with different shoes. The slip ons are not working. Maybe her silver YSL should of worked.

  5. ariel001,
    That was my first thought too, that she is in Cavalli and she probably is because Cavalli has used this blue in the Spring 2009 collection. This might be an off-runway piece.

    Charlize’s dress was way different. The waistline specially…

  6. the top portion is good but the bottom of the dress is just not right. i don’t care if it’s a roberto cavalli but the missoni and Jill sander dress is much better. I love the color on kareena..she looks quite resplendent! one must admire her genes to have such a great complecxion!!

  7. P&P,

    Yes indeed. The waistline is different. Just thought I’d remind you because of the neckline.

    Are you going to post Priyanka Chopra @ India Today Conclave 2009?

  8. Kareena looks gorgeous. I agree that the neckline does not allow the dress to fall right, but the color looks great on her, and the hair and make-up are just right.

  9. agree with ‘ronan’. she looks like shes gained weight(thank god). she looks so much better with the extra few lbs

  10. This is great! I don’t like uneven lengths on dresses pretty much at all but Kareena looks so beautiful here that I will give it a pass. And I like the flower detail, too!

  11. it’s a refreshing change from what we usually see her in, and have to give her props for changing things up. the dress is not bad. it definitely could’ve been worse. and after seeing the dresses on the models, i don’t think kareena could’ve done better. it’s just fine as it is. not brilliant, but nice enough for a change.

  12. I actually prefer Kareena’s dress (despite the uneven hemline and weird flower) to the Missoni and the Jill Sander. Since kaftans are so shapeless and long, bare shoulders even them out. I’m not digging her clear shoes, but her makeup is gorgeous, which is rare for Kareena.

  13. i am not exactly a fan of Kareena but i think she looks absolutely fab here. for a change, shez looking radiant, with normal make up, no diva attitude, and a certain freshness that’s not photoshopped! way 2 go bebo! this is how she looks best. she seems 2 b a few pounds heavier now but it makes her look better. as for the dress and shoes, i dont mind them…so all in all, i like!

  14. Kareena looks GORGEOUS! I love the color against her skin. I don’t like the style of the dress — it seriously looks like the designer didn’t care what he/she was making.

  15. kareena is getting prettier every day. i didn’t like her much a few years ago but she is maturing into a very good looking lady now.

  16. She looks really lovely, but I’m not liking the hem of the dress… the front is too long and what’s with the sides being higher?
    That said, hats off to Kareena for trying out something new… Priyanka should take a cue from her and change it up a bit, especially the hair…
    Ok, now to the meat of the matter, I’m dying to find a lovely peachy-nude lipstick like the kind Kareena is wearing here… Any recommendations, ladies?

  17. My God, her face is so stunning!!

    As for the dress, yeah, the neckline could’ve been different and that flower is 100% unneccessary, but damn that color is fab. I really like the Missoni… hope to see someone in it soon

  18. lets all hold a prayer here and pray together, Thank you Jesus for nantural beige nails that replaced the hideious red one, Thank you Jesus for few pounds she gain which brought back this healthy glow back to her face, Thank you jesus for simple hair and makeup and nothing over the top Amin

  19. The blue is great against Kareena’s flawless skin. Didn’t Cate Blanchett wear the turquoise caftan quite some time ago? I don’t think this pulled back hair suits Bebo too much, it makes her face look oddly hexagonal.

  20. Hey p&p……I saw the dress on la jolie et jeunette blog….but I thought kareena was wearing an imitation…it dint look exactly like lanvin’s….

  21. frankly this looks like something i would wear to lounge around in the house lanvin or not…. and kareena defi does not have the height to carry this off.

  22. i cannot tolerate women wearing something like this.i mean we are supposed to wear clothes that fit us…anyways am not very fond of clothes like these which resembles a nightie..

  23. I actually thought this was one of her better looks…the blue is lovely against her skin, and keeping the hair simple and tied back was a great decision (flowing Bollywood manes would have ruined the look). And she looks happy and comfortable, which is always a good thing- dresses don’t have to be pinched in at the waist or everywhere to look good.


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