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  1. Faiza at | | Reply

    kind a like it…both look glam… cherrio

  2. tukri at | | Reply

    Hot! Gorgeous Couple!!

  3. ko at | | Reply

    saifu’s face looks weird…i am liking kareenan’s look

  4. Jyot at | | Reply

    I think both of them look great.
    and I quite like the beehive updo.. Are we not always complaining how she wears her hair same time and again. I think this is a good change. Very glam.

    1. Hotmama at | | Reply

      Yeah same here. They both look GREAT…..!!

  5. shireen at | | Reply

    Fab & glam. The textured haphazard beehive that Kareena sports was pretty common at NY Fashion Week.

  6. aisha a at | | Reply

    i quite like the look….pretty glamdoll…but a what ”s going on w/ saif’s left side of the face esp…??

    1. KK at | | Reply

      Kareena probably punched him on that side ;) J/K

      1. Disha at | | Reply

        He was shooting for an action movie, so he probably got hurt.

  7. Nadine at | | Reply

    They look great! Beehive is in & happening around the world..probably not in india…Payal, are you professional stylist or blind? What are you complaining about?…it looks great

    1. Tina at | | Reply

      That was very rude, Nadine.

  8. Viz at | | Reply

    I m really not liking kareenas shoes.. They’re horrible!!!!

    1. mary at | | Reply

      i know the shoes are making her toes look stubby and are unflattering to the general look as well. Pity because I generally like how Kareena puts together her looks.

  9. lolita at | | Reply

    I don’t like Kareena’s look here…I prefer her make-up free and in casuals…when she does glam she usually overdoes it…

    The heavy smoky eyes, the beehive updo, the silver overdose is all a big turn off for me…comes off as trying too hard…

  10. Amber at | | Reply

    She looks stunningggggggggggggg!!! Nice change of hair, THANK LORD!!!! FINALLY!

  11. diptiN at | | Reply

    I love beehive hair, but it does not look good on her. I also do not care for the dress. This is one time that a slim belt would have upgraded the dress.

  12. Flaneur at | | Reply

    i quite like kareeena’s do…its autumn…its the right season for some drama…smoky eyes,bling,big hair bring it on…

    dont like her shoes though…n a black clutch maybe…

  13. Karishma at | | Reply

    I think she is in Vizyon if I am not mistaken…

  14. leonine lion at | | Reply

    i think they are looking gorgeous!!! kareena …Fab!

  15. Sin at | | Reply

    In trend or not in trend, the beehive look on her is odd to say the least!

  16. Jo at | | Reply

    She would have looked better if she had carried black clutch. what’s the reason for dress & bag matchy matchy..gross.
    Btw they try hard to be like Angelin-Brad. Don’t they?

  17. mesta at | | Reply

    Isn’t this the same dress Leighton Meester’s wearing in the third episode of fourth season of Gossip Girl???
    although i dont mind the hair from front, it looks odd from the side..also, the footwear is quite ugly!!!

  18. monika at | | Reply

    She does look nice inspite of the shoes & the hair

  19. AnotherKiranInNYC at | | Reply

    The dress looks great and her make up is great as are her shoes. His suit fits well too.

    Some minuses… Someone has been buying those Bumpits thingees for $9.99 “as seen on TV”!!! The beehive looks just overdone like a growth at the back of her head, not volume on top. Saif, please shave else you look ruffianly not macho or suave. Kareena has a real big head compared to her neck and body. Please do all you can to avoid the bobble head look.

    And most importantly… why is Kareena posing like she really, REALLY needs to use the bathroom?

  20. ZI at | | Reply

    Her shoes look like an Escada pair I recently bought

  21. Disha at | | Reply

    I adore this couple. Very classy!

  22. H at | | Reply

    She looks way hot.
    She’s totally channeling Old-Hollywood and it works for her.
    Also, Saif’s jacket gives him a “mad-hatte”rish kind of quality.

  23. bongbabe at | | Reply

    is her chemise showing at the front?

  24. Surabhi at | | Reply

    I just <3 the dress!

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