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  1. Dee Va at | | Reply

    Are you kidding me? The fit of those pants looks so awkward.

    1. BlueBells at | | Reply

      Fit of pants is mighty awkward. And I do feel she can do with a little less longer eyebrows. :P Lovely heels.

      1. SM at | | Reply


  2. GS at | | Reply

    cameltoe alert, girl!!

  3. Anoushka at | | Reply

    She’s only looking about 5 out of 10. With all of money and connections and exposure, one would expect more from her.

  4. Senorita at | | Reply

    that’s a camel toe waiting to happen.

  5. Asha at | | Reply

    Sheesh – such an awful looking outfit. And those tiiiight pants.

  6. Avani at | | Reply

    She looks pretty. First time there is no black or gown in her look. Like the white & mauve combo. Lovely sandals. The fit of the pant is tight though.

  7. Fergie at | | Reply

    How come you gals can’t see some obvious flaws like the crazy-tight fit of the pants while you nitpick at the most minor ridiculous things like nail color?

  8. Monika at | | Reply

    Except for the trouser fit, she looks very nice….she has such a pleasant smile…love the blue & white combination

  9. Maria at | | Reply

    Did notice notice camel toe in the 2nd pic ?

  10. Kirsa at | | Reply

    I agree those are some really tight fitting pants! But how lovely does she look! Pic1 & 3 just gorgeous! *_*

    1. Avani at | | Reply

      Ikr! She has such a beautiful face. After 3 kids, thats a body of a 30+ year old while others are auntying out. Quite a feat. Lol.

  11. hema sharma at | | Reply

    eekkkkssss,someone give her a mirror,vulgar!

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