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  1. Mya at | | Reply

    She looks better in this dress than Sonam did! Don’t like her shoes either though.

  2. kumar at | | Reply

    the shoes actually liven up the whole look n gives it a very retro modern feel. just wish she’d carried a pop of color for clutch n different hair.

  3. MZ at | | Reply

    I love her sytlist – she always gets it right, well almost – bad shoe choice but can totally ignore it here….loveee the last happy picture – go Girl!

  4. Kara at | | Reply

    I fully agree!

  5. snehak at | | Reply


  6. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    The shoes actually felt a good choice for the dress… as the dress has a simpler silhouette than the one Sonam wore…….. A different clutch would have been better, but that is no deal breaker!!!

  7. blackeyedpanda at | | Reply

    Maybe she just bagged it because she liked it and not because Sonam wore it. Sheesh P&P, people apart from Sonam read fashion mags and wear Viv Westwood too you know…
    Also, she looks quite lovely

    1. Isha at | | Reply

      AMEN @blackeyedpanda!

      Kangana has developed a great style of her own. Why would you say that she was inspired by Sonam? Its a Viv Westwood for God’s sake lol

      Considering Kangana’s background, she has come very far and has done great. I used to be a huge Sonam fan till I heard some of her interviews. Major turn off >.<

      1. S at | | Reply

        i agree with you on the interview part, she seem to be so fake

  8. crack at | | Reply

    Isn’t this too tight on thighs…even with standing cross leg…looks like its gonna tear any moment…

  9. Nandso at | | Reply

    I like the shoes too, they toughened up the dress. the clutch was very wrong though. PnP, I do think you need to be more objective with her.

  10. Rohini at | | Reply

    She looks beautiful, casual yet sophisticated.

  11. tenvintage at | | Reply

    how can you guys of all people say she looks great?! Her hem is crumpled so badly and the dress just doesn’t fit her well. She looks very unkempt and hurried!

  12. Neha at | | Reply

    Agree! The pickets are standing out too much also. Generally, the fit below the bust is an issue.. I have found the thigh fit weird in EU labels, usually you have to size up and get problem areas fitted.

  13. Lulu at | | Reply

    Kangana must have just liked the dress itself, instead of liking it ON SONAM. Sonam looked mediocre in the dress but Kangana looks smoking. Plus i find her more spontaneous with her choice of outfits. Sometimes miss, but most of the times hits. Unlike Sonam, who looks like she had spent sleepless nights trying to be a so-called fashionista. Fashion should be fun, and not a chore

  14. lotus at | | Reply

    She’s not young enough for this dress. Her hair looks greasy. She looks like a white suburban mom trying to live it up. She reminds me of Fran Dreshner.

  15. omg at | | Reply

    I think HHC wants to portray Sonam as some relevant fashionista that everyone takes inspiration from

    Sorry to say, but if Sonam picks an outfit from a collection doesn’t mean no one else can.. she didn’t even look half good so why would you assume that Kangana picked this dress because she liked it on Sonam.. Like puhleese!

    its not like Sonam has never worn anything that no one else has..does that mean she also liked it on that someone else..

    talk about biasness!

  16. veenu at | | Reply

    Kangna wears it much better than Sonam although nothing spectacular about either of them

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