1. whats on her head?? no jewelry..that color..all that skin..not for a wedding lady. Personally, I feel that somebody else’s wedding is not the right place for making any kind of statement, experimentation or standing out in such a somber-ish look.. bad taste..& otherwise also falls flat !!

  2. WOW is the word! Absolutely love the overall look! She carries it with great poise. So pretty, feminine and graceful! The lehenga, the clutch, the headpiece = ON POINT! Her skin too, looks superb!! Damn, this girl’s going big.. I’m beginning to like her fashion sense.

  3. wow! I agree, she does look stunning, but I’m a bit torn because I would have liked to have seen a pop of color on her lips and the choli to be slightly longer, considering the occasion..but she’s definitely living up to her fashionista tag..love the lehenga!

  4. Ms Ranaut gives a different twist which I like. Otherwise Sabya has jumped the shark – if you want to do trad you are better off doing an Asin/Maria as opposed to wearing the same-same Sabya stuff.

  5. Except for that thingamajig on her head that looks like she’s sprouting some kind of golden fungus, I think she looks very statuesque and striking. What *is* that thing on her head though, please anyone?

  6. the whole look has a very mona lisa-esque look about it – LOVE! love that the lehnga is left to shine, withe the plain blouse and minimally embellished dupatta.

    re the skin – i think it’s just an issue of re-adjusting the dupatta to layer it a bit so that it’s not as sheer. but it’s a very interesting look for a wedding – all eyes must have been on her, but it’s not an obvious trying-to-steal-the-bride’s-thunder look (unlike a certain miss poonawala). well done, kangana!

    • Agree with you AK, shez definately not miss poonawala types…and do appreciate Miss kangna has worked very hard for getting her shape back and those fit abs but a little dupatta adjustment ,little jewellery would make the same thing look festive than runway look …but damn the lady looks hot …

  7. LOVE. Sabya’s on a roll! Literally everyone’s wearing his label. Kudos to him for his intrinsic style and design capability. Kangana looks awesome!

  8. Yes , she nailed it ,
    yes , that she had flaunted her perfected curves arnd waist …

    BUT , kangana this is someone’s Marriage u r attending ….

    Stop that pout and serious look . SMILE !

  9. Love, love, love but unfortunately its coming off more like she walkin on the runway but not feeling it for a reception. Its great she does things so differently but sometimes u gotta realize that traditional works too…ill-timed as someone said above.

  10. I don’t think there is anything ill timed about this at all… I seriously doubt anyone at that wedding thought that she was showing too much skin, they’re used to dressing like this as they often dress this way in the movies as well. I think they might have thought it was not very festive though because she does look very right off the runway and doesn’t seem to have much going on in terms of jewellry or makeup to brighten this look up or personalize it

  11. If anyone else had worn this to a wedding reception everyone would be freaking out calling it tacky, unacceptable. I find the hairband a bit strange and am missing some colour on her face. She does carry off the look but it’s not an outfit to wear to a reception!

  12. i am clearly the only one thinking that she looks wholly inappropriate for a wedding. im all for making statements, but not when it means i look like a zombie at a social occassion!

  13. How fashion/catwalk is this?! I love that this is coming from kangana but wish she keeps this up for when it IS actually a fashion event ………

    • she has a stylist FROM the sabyasachi company? well that explains why she looks like something out of a runway.

      i saw a video of her walking into the reception in this. she was ramp walking. goodness.


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