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  1. RUCHii at | | Reply

    much prefer the grey one on Jacqueline..Black not working and the hair look a bit messy as well..

    1. shilpi at | | Reply

      agree …the hair, make up, nothing really works

  2. Rupali at | | Reply

    she has a fresh looking skin then why does she have to apply so much make-up

  3. kumar at | | Reply

    its just strictly OK

  4. CK at | | Reply

    I like the outfit however, I think Kangana wears highlighter all over her face when it should only be to highlight certain areas of her face. Thats why the make up looks slightly overdone.

  5. Chetna at | | Reply

    I didnt like her makeup here ….. very ghostly …. i mean ghastly ;)

  6. moonstruck at | | Reply

    Bad pancake makeup !

  7. blmrlt1102 at | | Reply

    what’s with her “twilight” makeup?

  8. Inihos at | | Reply

    Too much make-up. And I always thought she looked pretty (and different) from the rest with her head full of curls. This new hairstyle is very passé.

  9. garcia at | | Reply

    with the lace accent this makes for a mourning dress than a party dress. that run down make up and messy hair highten the whole widow effect. it should have been a whatey.IMO.

  10. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Something is wrong with this dress—I can’y place my finger on it…is it the fabric panels cutting the body on the diagonal? the diagonal placement of lace across midriff? I dunno, something is not quite right but she, overall, looks nice. I like her joie de vivre in interviews and her acting abilities.

  11. kara at | | Reply

    She looked good. Not great, but good.

  12. debbie at | | Reply

    Dress is pretty darned nice…makeup is a lil off, but I miss Kangana’s signature curls, makes her stand out from the brigade…bring them back Kangana.

  13. kasthuri at | | Reply

    bad dress and cakey make up…

  14. Nandso at | | Reply

    Kangana needs to put more effort into hair and makeup, that really pulls her look don. And then most important: POSTURE! and a SMILE – forget this pout.

  15. clotheswhore at | | Reply

    am so crushing on the dress……love the lace detail….

  16. Sabrina at | | Reply

    too halloweenish, her body looks good though. this is right up priyanka chopras alley, she would heart this.

  17. RS at | | Reply

    Fail. The makeup is ghastly,agree with the others.

  18. SSN at | | Reply


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